When And Why To Show Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist

A lot of mothers with toddlers in the stage of teething go through a lot of emotional pain and mental distress seeing their child with anxiety. A well planned pediatric dentistry session, prior, after and during the phase of teething is a must for your child. Below are a few common questions pondered by all mothers. Scroll down to find answers to all your queries.pediatric dentist 01

When and why to show your child to a pediatric dentist?

1. What is the difference between the pediatric dentist and regular dentist?

A pediatric dentist undergoes an exclusive and specialized training in the dental school in the field of Pediatric Dentistry and has experience and knack to handle and treating of infants and children. A subject matter expert in oral health care, offer patients an in-depth knowledge of the special needs of management and treatment of a child’s developing teeth, their physical and mental changes and behavior. Pediatric dentists enjoy working with children.

2. When and why should the parents, schedule their child’s first visit to the dentist?

When it’s just a month or two before the child turns one, most doctors recommend to schedule the child’s first visit to the dentist. A perfect timeline to have a proper examination of the child’s mouth development. Dental problems often start early, so the sooner the visit occurs, the better. Also, the dentist can provide or recommend special preventive care to safeguard against problems, such as baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations, gum disease etc.

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3. What happens during the child’s first visit to the dentist?

A short and simple first visit much before the budding of the teeth, focusses on knowing the thoughts about dental care and examination of the child oral health development such as teeth, gums and jaw.

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4. How can you prepare the child for this first visit?

A positive attitude of the parents is a must, as the infant gets influenced and builds all their thoughts depending upon these vibes. A fear for Dentist visit is natural. Stay positive and educate the child the importance of oral health care.

5. How often should a visit to dentist happen?

Once in six months is usually recommended by most of the pediatric dentists.

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6. Importance of decayed baby teeth

A decayed baby teeth hold space for the future eruption of permanent teeth. An infected baby teeth must be removed at the appropriate time, so that permanent tooth development is not affected.

7. Oral health care at home

Clean your infant’s gums with a hygienic, moist cloth. The moment the first teeth pops out, brush and cleanse it with a baby tooth brush, both day and night. By the age of five years of age, the child will learn to brush his/her teeth properly. Show them how to brush correctly on all the sides and sections early on.

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