8 Crazy things every man should know about pregnant women

Take a look at 8 crazy things about pregnancy every man should know!

There is a difference between a pregnant woman and a pregnant man. Pregnant Man? Yes, there is such a creature. While a woman expecting is harboring life and is probably confused and going through several changes, a man feels a bit of the same, but only gets to be called “papa”. This is unless of course he knows exactly how to handle the more active partner in the endeavor!Every man should know 01

Just so there are no foot-in-the-mouth or boo-boo moments, here are top 8 crazy things about pregnancy every man should know about first sign of pregnancy that his pregnant wife goes through at different trimesters of pregnancy:

1. She could want ANYTHING to eat, at ANYTIME: 

Everyone knows food is important to pregnant women. But the time is of the essence. The bottom line is, when she says she’s hungry, she means it. That, and also, the craving for specific foods. I have woken up my man at midnight once to get me orange bar. Thankfully, and I must say, very sweetly, he complied.Every man should know 02

2. Don’t make fun of what she wants to eat: 

You may have heard of the weird things women crave for while pregnant. Well the news is that most of what you have heard is true. And, to top that, there is scientific research available that links cravings with nutritional deficiencies. The Western approach to pregnancy cravings leans heavily on the idea of the “wisdom of the body.” Cravings are thought to be a Darwinian mechanism to meet the body’s demand for certain nutrients. So when the husband was amazed at my gobbling green chillies soaked in lemon juice and salt, my gynecologist calmed his nerves that it was probably to do with my body’s need for more sodium because of my increased blood volume and mild Vitamin C deficiency. This is also the reason why women prefer pickles or sour-tasting foods – but then, if your woman craves sugar, it is absolutely OKAY! Just don’t pick on her for what she eats! Every man should know 03

3. Don’t make her conscious of how big she is getting: 

Observation – thus far, we have only discussed food and eating. That is because some of the food – as well as her hormones – will cause her to put on weight. It is natural. What the men should watch, however, is themselves in the mirror every day because if I know right, they will not think twice about digging into food! The wife will have a reason – that she is carrying a baby – for putting on the extra pounds. What will a man’s excuse be??

4. Mood swings are real: 

The good news is: the baby is on its way. The bad news? There wasn’t enough room for the baby AND coping with life and its stresses. Be prepared. Empathize. Be a patient ear. Or else it will only spiral into more mood swings. You’ve been warned. No woman can ever fight with the feeling of not letting the world see how she feels during pregnancy (NOT even a woman who claims to have a STRONG WILL POWER and even she was not prepared for these crazy things about pregnancy.)

5. Prepare to be replaced by a pillow: 

Think about it  – if you are bloated, have overeaten, are having a terrible acid reflux or are generally cranky, do you like being held tightly or cuddled? So, the truth is that to a pregnant woman– a malleable soft pillow is more comforting to her than your body. She is sore and very uncomfortable. Besides, if you are in the habit of flailing your limbs while you sleep, you had better move to another room or a couch.Every man should know 04

6. She needs help doing basic chores: 

Does this even need to be explained? But to let you know – she is going to find it difficult to bend to pick up a hankie if she drops it. Don’t overdo it though. But yes, offer to lift weights.Every man should know 05

7. You can’t complain: 

You can’t talk about any of the things listed here with your pregnant wife. She’s pregnant. She’s carrying your child and that is her trump card!! If it is unfair, try imagining yourself in her shoes, with that belly and feeling how she does! To put it crudely, she is growing something the size of a watermelon that eventually has to be pushed out an opening the size of a lemon. You actually think you ought to complain?!Every man should know 06

8. She will sleep. A lot: 

When a woman is carrying life inside of her, her own body is growing, stretching and changing. Let her rest. She won’t get much of it after the baby is born.

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4 thoughts on “8 Crazy things every man should know about pregnant women”

  1. Beautiful post. Going through this phase of life.. My pregnancy is bit exception in every sense but definitely have mood swings.. Some may find it strange but their is fixed time (11-12 PM) when I feel like to cry hard woh bhi without any reason 😉

    1. Just hang in there! I totally empathise with you about the mood swings bit…meditation and painting were a great help for me – may be you could try something you like to do 🙂

      And keep patting yourself on the back for the special gift you are carrying in your heart and body 🙂