10 Mistakes That Many Parents Do That Can Actually Ruin Their Baby’s Sleep Pattern


There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a baby sleep. The sheer sight of seeing them sleep with no worries is something which every parent cherishes. That is exactly where the popular saying came from ‘sleep like a baby’. A major percentage of parents across the world would agree that the most crucial factor in case of a new born is baby’s sleep pattern. Parents dread the night time if suddenly their infant showed up a different behaviour and doesn’t want to retire for the day.

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An old saying goes like ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’. But what if the baby isn’t sleeping well enough? A new born’s sleep can very well go down as one of the most searched topics on google or on parenting websites. No wonder the tip toe movement begins as soon as the baby is put to sleep. As parents, we get so paranoid of the sleeping routine and patterns that our sense of hearing is always present in the baby’s room! What if the baby gets up?

While most parents take utmost care of the sleep patterns of their new borns, there are still high chances that you might be doing it in an incorrect manner. Presenting some of the mistakes which might ruin your baby’s sleep pattern.

Curated list of 10 mistakes that can ruin baby’s sleep:

1. Feeding after dark or frequently

A new born baby requires feed after every two hours, but after the initial five or six months, it is better if you start setting a routine for them. In this way, you are training them for an undisturbed sleep. In a way, a child will begin to understand that this is the last meal of the day- post which I must sleep. If you continue feeding sessions at night, there are high chances, the baby will wake up every two hours hungry, which in turn will disturb his sleeping pattern.

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2. Too much of co-sleeping

There are varied opinions on co-sleeping. While there is scientific reason for the same, but for the parents who do it, it’s better if there is at least one sleep time where the baby is not sleeping with you. Too much of co sleeping can do more harm than good. This is because the baby begins to realize that the parents are around to calm him down. This is a bad sign, because then the kid will not learn how to self-calm themselves.

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3. Putting on too many layers

Ever wondered that even after feeding the baby, he is not going to sleep? It could possibly be because he might be wrapped in too many layers. It is important to understand that excess layering might make the baby uncomfortable and that might lead waking up sweating in the middle of the night.

4. Too much sleep in the afternoon

This routine applies to kids in the same way as it does to adults. Had the longest nap in afternoon and now you just can’t sleep? Same goes for a baby’s routine as well. While we aren’t against afternoon siesta, but it is important to make a timely schedule post which the baby should be woken up.

5. Giving sugary edibles after 7:00 PM

As much as kids and infants love sugary food items, it is a best precaution to avoid it when the sun goes down. Ever heard the term ‘Sugar Rush’? Indeed, kids become hyper when they have too much sugar, which in turn will toss their bed time schedule. In case you are bottle feeding your baby, it’s best to avoid sugar, as it’ll not only ensure a proper sleep but also prevent any sort of tooth decay.

6. Soothing the baby too much overtime he cries

This one is in sync with co -sleeping. If you are too much into rocking and swaying to make your baby fall asleep, its doing more harm than good to you. In this way, you are making your baby accustomed or rather dependent on you to fall asleep. While swaying, cooing helps in calming down a new born, it is advised to do so in balanced proportions.

7. Disturbing feed/meal times

Always try to keep up to the routine of feeding your baby at the right time. Feeding them at the designated hour ensures that they start falling asleep at the designated hour. If you are breastfeeding ,ensure that the last feed should not be no later than 11 PM, and in case of solids, it should be latest by 8PM to maintain a healthy baby’s sleep pattern.

8. Making the baby sleep in the TV room

How many times has your baby fallen asleep in your arms and you have been too lazy to put her back to her bed, all because you don’t want to miss that favourite sitcom? Keeping the baby in the same room where there are too many light sources is not something which will help her sleep throughout the night. Instead the baby will wake up crying because of noise both in form of sound as well as light.

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9. Entertaining the baby at night

If your baby wakes up at night, and you end up playing with her, then there are high chances that you might be setting in a routine wherein the baby will wake up every night. While once in a fortnight this practice won’t do any harm, but it is always better to calm the baby down to sleep in the middle of night.

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10. Not understanding the difference between actual crying and little coos 

New parents always try to make things super comfortable for their new born. However what needs to be mentioned, is that one needs to understand the difference between crying and soft coos. Babies generally tend to make different sounds while they are in deep sleep. Thus, it is not always necessary to soothe your little one every time you hear a sound.

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