Top 10 Foods To Give A Child With Constipation

With changing climatic conditions, constipation has become a very common and serious problem seen in children. Let’s dig in more to know how to handle constipation in children at home in daily life. Every child, including your little one, goes through phases and patterns. On some days, he/she would like to eat as much and on other days would bring out the worse picky eater in him/her. Likewise with their stool/motion. But, did you know that the solution to this problem lies in our own kitchens? There are foods to give a child with constipation.  Yes!

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Constipation is not uncommon, and let’s not treat it like a disease. It is just a condition where the child is unable to pass his daily stool comfortably, causing abdomen pain and discomfort. However, constipation can be cured and handled at home. There are home remedies for constipation.

Presenting the top ten foods, which are a must-include in their diet. So, dear mother, now treating constipation at home is as easy as chopping onion.  

Indian Home remedies for constipation in babies:

1. Prunes

Prunes are an amazing source of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber content which initiates and regularizes bowel movements. If prunes are not available, you can also opt for dry plums that have soluble fibers.

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2. Carrot juice

Carrot juice can be really effective for constipation in kids and babies. You can feed raw carrots during winters as carrots are a healthy source of fibre content. If can’t be consumed as a whole stick, make homemade carrot juice and give it to your child. Do not cook or blanch the carrots, this might worsen constipation. You can add a teaspoon of jaggery powder to boost immunity.

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3. Pear

Pear is one of the most commonly used laxatives to ease the constipation condition. Pear is a rich source of fiber and vitamin C which is naturally sweet. A juicy ripe pear is instant relief for constipation.

4. Lentils

Include lentils in your child’s diet. Lentils are an excellent source of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. They’re also a great source of plant-based protein and fiber. 

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5. Oatmeal

Topped with fruits and honey, oatmeal can be an excellent source of food for relief and regulate constipation in children.

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6. Soybeans

A rich source of calcium and fiber, soybeans are highly recommended for constipation. You can soybeans as soy chunks or granules as a patty or add in the soup or lentils. You can also replace regular milk with soy milk in the daily diet.

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7. Potatoes

No fried potatoes. You can steam or bake the potatoes and mash with salt and pepper to give a little taste. The starch content in the potatoes can trigger bowel movements and relieve constipation.

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8. Pomegranate

One cup of pomegranate seeds has more than six grams of fiber. You can mix in yogurt or give in the form of juice.

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9. Dates

Seedless dates mixed with a glass of milk and loosen the stools and ease the abdomen uneasiness instantly.

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10. Raisins

This is straight out of grandma’s trunk of home remedies for curing constipation. You can mix with milk and relax the stools for kids. Raisins are rich in potassium, calcium, iron, and fiber, which can help in treating constipation and ease the tummy pain for children.

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Besides this, you can add water with soaked fennel seeds, papaya, flax seeds, brown rice, etc., in your child’s diet. Some parents also prefer to give a spoon of organic coconut oil for children. Ensure your child drinks lots of water and other forms of liquids. Increased physical activity of the child can also bring in a better bowel pattern for the kids.

If your child is suffering, why not try these quick home remedies for constipation before consulting a pediatrician. All these cures are easy and safe. If the problem doesn’t get resolved, you may want to consult your child’s doctor.

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