Top 5 Indoor Games In Winter For Kids

Winters are finally here. The onset of the cold weather brings along serious health problems for the kids. Another point of concern for the parents during this season is how to keep their kids occupied indoors so that they stay inside and enjoy indoor games in winter.Expert 03 It is difficult for parents to make their kids sit inside and play, as they love playing outside because they get to explore more and witness new things. Getting them to stick inside can be quite a task for parents. Indoor games can be awesome and interesting as well. Here is our list of creative and interesting indoor games to kill winter boredom.

Indoor games in winter for kids:


1. Board and Family Games

Board games are very popular both with kids as well as adults. They are a great way to spend some good quality time with your family, as well as to keep the little ones engaged for hours. Recent research conducted has said that board games can generate new skills among kids which helps them perform better at their schools. Monopoly and Scrabble are some of the oldest games which are still popular in today’s times.


2. Treasure Hunt

This one is extremely popular with the kids. Little ones love getting beneath the bed or behind the curtains to search for different clues in the game. Place the first clue at a location where it is easier to find it. Leave the consecutive clues at different places in your home, making a trail to the final one. The last clue can also have a prize placed along with it, to make the game more interesting.indoor-games-03

3. Pass the Parcel

This one is the kids’ favorite. This game can be played with a lot of variations. One of them is to make a gift and wrap it in many layers. Make the kids sit around in a circle.  Play the music and ask them to pass the parcel to one another. As soon as the music stops, the person who gets the parcel will open the first layer of the gift. The game will be restarted after each layer is unwrapped. The player who unwraps the last layer keeps the gift.indoor-games-04

4. I Spy Game

Seek and find games are very interesting to prevent boredom in kids. It is a fun guessing game that does not require any tools or accessories. Pick any kid as the first spy to start off the game. The spy must take note of his immediate surroundings and should think of an object from it. He/She should then describe it to other kids. The other kids must then start off by playing the guessing game. Let the player who guesses the object becomes the next spy.

5. Indoor Bowling

You do not need to specifically buy an indoor bowling kit for the same. All you need are some old bottles and a tennis ball. Place the bottles at the end of your hall. Ask the kids to take their chances and start bowling.


So, tell us what all games will you be engaging your kids in this winter season?

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