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Introducing 18 top funniest jokes which are 100% pure & harmless motherhood humor for a good laugh!

Motherhood is packed with a list of emotions, mostly joy and happiness tops the chart followed by fear. However, the underrated emotions such as humor and anger, at times together, and sometimes one chases the other (in random order) are often less talked about. Take for instance Brat H’s antics.. the other day, I was trying to change his diaper, which sounds like a simple task, but here is how it is in our case (most of the days). A request: Please don’t judge me after reading this. I used to be quite an efficient one before motherhood happened to me.Motherhood humor top funniest jokes 20

  • 7:00 PM– Mom (which is me) realizes its nappy changing time, so she takes off the dirty one and puts it aside (away from H’s reach).
  • A few seconds later as she turns around to get a new diaper, H has managed to get hold of the dirty one
  • 7:01 PM– Mom again puts it aside and takes off H’s bottoms to put on a fresh diaper.
  • A few seconds later, H decides to show off his acrobatic skills.
  • 7:02 PM– Performance of extraordinary feats in process. One leg in an angle of 90 degrees while the other one refuses to bend.
  • A few seconds later, H got hold of that fresh diaper in his hands. He looks at me and waves it off, feeling really proud of it and gurgles (reminds me of our Prime Minister post the flag hosting ceremony). I have to literally snatch the diaper from him.
  • 7:03 PM– Now a bit of jive in action. Butt is moving in to and fro motion and the swing gets faster by the second
  • A few seconds later the diaper is placed under the shiny little baby butt. Just when I am ready to tie it up, we say hello to a MASSIVE mishap! I get peed on (have it all over my face!!) His acrobatic talent in full swing with a bit of jive and gurgling.
  • 7:04 PM- After cleaning the mess we go back to where we were at 7:00 PM.
  • Finally after 7 minutes we are through with the process.Those 7 minutes seems like eternity.I see him dry and happy. I am in a nirvana state!Motherhood humor top funniest jokes 01

So with that said, presenting to you, fun jokes, handpicked by The Champa Tree being served raw. Give them a read now and twice on occasions such as these (i) Post –nappy-changing-self-recovery stage (ii) Won a baby-feeding-battle (iii) Been let down by your cute, little devils due to some or the other reason (iv) Been (un)successful in completing a baby-related task.

So, here are best funny pictures. Hope you enjoy these top funniest jokes on motherhood!





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