10 Cleaning Basics Which Changed My Life And House Forever

All of us know, maintaining squeaky clean homes, becomes a thing of the past once a baby comes into our lives. But still, there are times when we need to get our act together and make the most of the weekend by cleaning the nooks and the corners of our place. These instances could either be the arrival of some guests or your good old spring cleaning. But a few hacks and cleaning basics that changed my life are being revealed in this post.

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Most of us have a range of things if we had to jot down tasks when it came to the cleaning of the home. These can range from as tiny as cleaning your little one’s feeding bottles, to something huge as getting your kitchen garden all set for spring.

We are sure, at least nine out of ten women have some amazing hacks written on their notebooks, but sometimes we are too lazy to do the basic cleaning- ladies, we hear you!

Today we bring to you some super easy cleaning hacks. These cleaning tips are very easy and effective.

Presenting 10 basic cleaning tips that changed my life and house forever:

1. Clogged showerheads

Clogged showerheads giving you a rough time in the shower, or wanting to fix the showerhead in the guests’ bathroom? We’ve got you covered. Just take a zip lock bag and fill it with white vinegar. Now fasten this zip lock bag around the showerhead for at least thirty minutes. Take it out after half an hour and voila, the clogged ducts will be cleared!

2. Save a burnt pan

Forgot to turn off the stove while you were cooking your favorite dish? And now you are left with a burnt pan with an awfully looking brown bottom? It’s quite easy to clean it! Just add dishwashing liquid to it, and then add water. Take a dryer sheet and then soak it into the burnt pan. Wait for at least ten minutes, as you see the burnt food particles getting transferred to the dryer sheet. Remove the dryer sheet and wash off the pan.

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3. Clean the inside of the microwave

A microwave serves a lot of purpose in the kitchen these days. I highly doubt if there is any kitchen without a microwave oven in today’s times. Thus, as much as we use them, they tend to get a lot of grime on the inside of its walls. Place a bowl filled with water and add a wedge of lime or orange to it. Also, don’t forget to add 2-3 tbsp of white vinegar. Switch on the microwave and let the water come to boil at least twice. You can continue this activity for a little over three minutes.

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4. Clean the cookie sheet

We sure love baking our kids’ favorite cookies but ask us to clean the cookie sheet and that might just leave us in aghast. Don’t worry, we present you a very easy hack to clean them. Add generous amounts of baking soda to the greased cookie sheet, followed by dishwashing liquid. Now add warm water, enough to cover the entire tray. Let this mixture sit for at least thirty minutes, post which you can rinse it off. You have a squeaky-clean silver cookie sheet all set for your next baking session.

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5. Limescale deposits

All of us know, how helpful an electric kettle can be for a new mom when we need warm water by our bedside most of the time. But let’s not forget the stubborn limescale deposits which get formed on the inside of the kettle. Just add equal quantities of water and vinegar to the kettle and bring it to a boil for roughly 4-5 minutes. Pour this liquid out and see the clean base of your electric kettle.

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6. Cleaning hair tools

Cleaning hair tools also occasionally also becomes a painful thing if we do not have the right resources. For cleaning the hair tools, all you need is a combination of rubbing alcohol and baking soda. Rub this solution with an old toothbrush and that will remove all the product buildup from your tools.

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7. Cleaning water faucets

Rubbing off the stubborn and super old marks off the water faucet can be difficult at times. On the contrary, it can be very easy, if the right tools are used. Just soak a washcloth with plain white vinegar and then wrap this cloth around the tap or the faucet. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes post which wipe it off with a dry sponge.

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8. Scrub off that iron bottom

Forgiving your old iron an instant uplift, all you need is toothpaste, baking soda, and vinegar. Make a semi-liquid paste of all of these. Heat the iron to medium and then switch it off. Now take an abrasive sponge and start rubbing the bottom of the iron until the deposits come off.

9. Clogged sinks

Clogged sinks are something all women encounter either in their sinks or in their bathrooms. Pieces of food, vegetable peels, and oil from foods are some of the prime reasons for clogged pipes or sinks. For this, you need just salt and water. Pour half a cup of salt into your sink and let it go down. After this take boiling water and pour it down the drain. The scrunchy texture of the salt helps in removing the oily texture from the clogged pipes as well as the drain.

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10. Clean that chopping board

Over the course of time wooden chopping boards tend to get greasy or stained with some marks. Well, it is easy to remove these marks. Just sprinkle generous amounts of salt over the board and then use a lemon wedge as a sponge over it. Rub hard for severe stains.

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by Udita Saklani

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