How To Clean A Baby Girls’ Private Parts

Bathing and keeping a baby squeaky clean is one of the prime concerns of any new mother. While many new mothers take help from elders in their families, others turn to maids for assistance. Boy or girl, there are different ways to handle cleanliness for both. If you have been asking yourself, “How To Clean A Baby Girls’ Private Parts?” We’ve got your answers.

According to Doctor Sharma, a Gurgaon-based pediatrician who has been practicing for the last 20 years, “A baby’s genitals are extremely delicate and prone to infection. Therefore, one must take the utmost care of cleaning it in a hygienic and correct manner.”

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Why and how to clean a newborn girl’s private area:

More than 60% of women face urinary tract infection. The prime reason for this can be attributed to a female’s anatomy. As a result, a baby girl is more susceptible to infections in comparison to baby boys. Girls have a shorter distance between the end of the urethra and the bladder than boys do, thus they seem to have a higher chance of getting an infection this way.

Presenting some tips on how to clean baby girls’ private parts:

1. Plain water trick

In the initial few days, when the baby is just a few days old, using plain warm water will do the trick for you. Since a new born’s skin is extremely sensitive and fragile, it is best to avoid any soap or liquid solution along with water. Just use cotton wool and plain water for cleaning your little one’s genitals.

2. Remember the directions

A female’s anatomy is such that it stands at a higher chance of infections as compared to their male counterparts. That is the very reason why the direction in which the vaginal area is to be cleaned, needs to be kept in mind. Always clean the vaginal area from front to back going from the middle. This action will prevent keep all bacterial infections at bay.

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3. Be gentle

Cleaning the private parts requires some amount of patience as well as an eagle’s eyes! Yes, you heard it right. Always be gentle while cleaning the area. The specified area is extremely sensitive and if any kind of scrubbing is involved it might cause discomfort to the little one. So, scrubbing and rubbing are a strict no-no. Just pat it dry and you are good to go.

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4. Thorough cleaning after passing stools

After your little one has passed stools, immediate cleaning of the diaper area is the need of the hour. However, if this is not done immediately it might result in infections and rashes as well. Always watch out for feces around the labia and clean from front to back with a soft cloth or tissues; which if found sitting on the area can result in bacterial infections.

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5. Use a mild cleanser

After a few weeks, when the baby has adapted well to the new world, you can shift to natural and mild cleansers for cleaning the private area. Put a small quantity of the cleanser in warm water and wipe from front to back keeping away from the vagina and urethra. Always do a patch test of the cleanser on a small area of the skin before you actually start using it.

6. Maintain hygiene

You don’t want to mess with your little one’s health by playing around with hygiene levels, right? Always wash your hands before the diaper change for your little one. In cases when you are traveling, remember to carry a hand sanitizer for the same purpose.

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7. Don’t worry in case there is a discharge

A baby girl might have a whitish vaginal discharge, but don’t worry. This is quite a common occurrence in the case of a baby girl and doesn’t call for immediate action. As per the leading pediatrician of Gurgaon’s Max Hospital, new parents also come to her or Google this question a lot: “Newborn girl bloody discharge.” The doctor’s answer is, “There might be high chances of a reddish discharge which is known as pseudo menses. This will disappear in a few days or so. Always clean with a soft damp cotton cloth and then pat dry.” But, do consult your child’s doctor if the issue aggravates. You should definitely consult a pediatrician if the baby girl discharge is yellow or baby girl’s private area smells

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