Here Are 4 Baby Milestones At 6 Months You Will Observe In Your Baby

I have compiled a list of development milestones for your 6-month-old baby. Read on to know the 4 baby milestones at 6 months.

Your baby is just 6 short months away from celebrating his/her first birthday. Yay yay! I celebrated my baby’s halfway through his first-year-phase by cutting a cake (and of course checking on some basic growth-and-development milestones). Yes! The mumma inside me is extremely particular about ‘milestones’. So, here we go with a few crucial ones for a 6 month-old infant:

Baby Milestones at 6 months 01

1. Baby weight:

Should have doubled-up. So if, at the time of birth, he/she weighed around 3 kilos, then by now, he should be atleast 6 kilos!

Baby Milestones at 6 months 02

2. Motor skills:

Your baby can now sit upright on his own. Can roll from his back to his stomach and vice versa. Has he tried to move backward (or creep forward) on his stomach? Not yer? Get ready for some fun then 🙂

Baby Milestones at 6 months 03

3. Communication skills are getting better:

Social skills are developing at a fast pace. He is smiling, laughing, and babbling away to glory. Remember it’s easy for your baby to say da-da, pa-pa and ba-ba. So, don’t be disappointed if he hasn’t said ma-ma yet. It might take sometime. He recognizes you for sure. Besides, he might have developed an instant liking to a particular toy. Call it his ‘favorite toy’ because he might be playing with it a lot more than any other toys or accessories. Additionally, with some babies the first sign of fear while stepping in an unfamiliar environment/meeting strangers might develop now. Don’t worry if in such situations, he is crying way too often. You will learn to cope with it in your own way.

4. Eating:

An important milestone for breastfed babies. While the breastmilk continues, it’s also time to introduce a semi-solid diet and maybe some cow/buffalo milk as top feed to your diet chart. Babies usually take some time to adapt themselves to a different sort of diet. It is recommended that you gradually introduce different tastes and flavours to your 6-months-old. Start with blended fruits and vegetable puree one at a time. Wait a few days each time you try something new to make sure he isn’t allergic to it.

Baby Milestones at 6 months 04

Disclaimer: Each baby is different from the other in terms of developmental mileposts. Don’t panic if your baby hasn’t shown all of the above six-month-markers. However, do speak to your paediatrician if he/she hasn’t achieved even one of the indicators.

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