6 Unique Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids

Who needs expensive gifts or a bouquet of flowers? All mums and grandmas treasure handmade gifts from their loved ones. So, if you got the hint, get your craft supplies out and be creative. We are making craft-based personalized gifts for that woman who deserves all our love and attention. Just with some basic household supplies, a little guidance from adults and their instinctive creativity can take care of this. Get inspired by these Mother’s Day crafts for kids that can be gifted to the moms. Be rest assured, that they are all frugal/budget-friendly.

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List of Mother’s Day crafts for kids:

We bring to you a list of 6 unique Mother’s Day crafts – kids can make. Daddies! Team up with your children and gift something beautiful to their mother.

1. A handmade crown

A special handmade crown for the hands of your child.

Things Required: Clean plastic sour cream container; Scissors; Glue; Glitter; Felt; Foam craft hearts; Clear glaze spray paint (optional)

Instructions: Cut off the top trim and bottom part of the container. Next, set a pattern cut out as a crown at the top of the container. Later, it was all about decorating the crown. Sparkle the complete container with golden glitter and a red-coloured trim at the bottom. Stick the foam craft arts around the crown along with plastic gems and the crown is ready.

2. Popsicle stick flowers

Popsicle stick flowers are the easiest and simplest craft ideas.

Things Required: Medium-sized popsicle sticks; Liquid watercolour; A photo; Cardboard; Decorations optional (buttons, gems, glitter glue, card stock letters); Hot glue; Styrofoam block; Cups for your liquid watercolour; Glue.

Instructions: Dip both the ends of the popsicle sticks in the liquid watercolour. You can also paint the same. On the other side, cut a circle in the cardboard and stick your photo on the same. Once the popsicle sticks get dried, stick glue to the stem on the back of the cardboard circle. Do it as two sets of petals. Stick the half sticks first and later cut ¼ of the remaining sticks and glue them in the gaps. Later decorate the front part with bright shiny decorative.

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3. Paper flower bouquet

Natural flowers are always the best. Yet, the beauty of a handmade paper flower bouquet is impeccable. Here is an easy DIY method for Paper Flower Bouquet.

Things Required: Square colour paper; Pencil; Scissors; Glue

Instructions: Opt for a paper that is easily foldable. Pick a square-shaped colour paper and make the flower. Fold the square in half, and use a scale to mark the one-third point on the top-left edge of the paper. You can help your kid with this if needed. Now pull the bottom right corner of the paper towards the one-third point on the top left. Fold the bottom left corner over the right edge. Fold the top right corner over the left edge of the paper. Cut along the horizontal line made by the edge of the paper. The result would be a wedge. Starting from the top left corner of the wedge, draw a half-circle that goes down till a half-inch above the bottom right edge. Cut along the line and open the fold – you have a five-petal flower.

Paper flower bouquet

4. Paperweights

A simple beautifully thought paperweight with your child’s name on it will surely bring a smile to her face.

Things Required: A stone/rock piece; Fabric; Paint; Foam brush; Glue.

Instructions: Collect some stones or small rock pieces. Cut the fabric into small bits. Paint the stone using a foam brush and glue. Stick the piece of the fabric on the glue. Keep repeating until the whole rock is covered with fabric. Ensure all the edges of the stone are covered neatly. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes. If you want, you can cut add a monogram on the paperweight to give a personalized touch to the gift.

Mothers Day Crafts for Kids - Paperweights

5. Tin can lantern craft

Recycle your tin can and make the best out of it. Here is a simple method to make a glittering lantern out of it.

Things Required: Several washed out tin cans; A drill; Acrylic paints; Masking tape; Battery operated tea light candles or real candles; Deburring tool.

Tin can lantern craft

Instructions: Cover the front of the clean and washed tin can with masking tape. This creates a strong base for drilling. Draw a heart shape (or whatever design you wish to) on the tape. Mark dots at equidistant, so that the holes are made in that space. Make a heart template and stick it on the masking tape. Drill the holes and remove the masking take. A lovely heart shape would have been carved in the front. Use the deburring tool to smoothen the edges. Paint and decorate your tins with acrylic paint. Once dried, tie some strings at the top with a tag. The tag can have your message.

6. Fingerprint heart canvas

Those tiny little fingers that shower the love is an irreplaceable gift for all mothers.

Things Required: Canvas (Any size of your choice); Acrylic paint; Marker; Paintbrush; Acrylic coating spray; Wax paper

Instructions: Select the acrylic paint colours for your canvas and pour a small amount onto the wax paper. With the paintbrush, paint the tip of the finger of the child, with his or her favourite colour. Hold the canvas over the finger and tilt slightly to one side. Repeat the same procedure. But now tilt the finger on the other side. This would create a cute little heart on the canvas. Keep repeating the steps to paint multiple hearts. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes. You can also use a marker to write your message below the hearts. Spray the Acrylic Coating spray on the canvas to protect the art. To remember the memory, write the date and name of your child on the back of the canvas.

Fingerprint heart canvas
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