Top 8 ice cream stick art and craft ideas

by Udita Saklani

Expert 03This summer, engage your kids in cool, refreshing and creative stick based art and craft ideas using their favorite- ice cream!

Summers are finally here. What better way to beat the summer heat by gobbling those ice popsicles and flavored candies? So, what next when the ice candy is over? You can use these ice cream sticks for making DIY art and craft. What more, this is the perfect way to engage your kids in this years’ Summer cream stick art 01

1. Pencil Holder:

Why not add some creativity to your pencil holder and make it out of ice cream sticks.

Things Required: Glue, Ice cream sticks, Paints

Instructions: Take a white sheet of paper and draw an equilateral triangle on it with a pencil with the help of a scale. Now stick one the ice cream stick on the base of the triangle. Now put glue on one end of the stick. Take another stick and paste it on this glued end of the previous ice cream stick. Now apply glue on the other end of this new stick. Now you have two ice cream sticks. And there is one corner of the triangle left. Apply glue on the ends of these tow sticks and place the third stick gluing them together and making a triangle. Repeat the above steps to add a second layer of popsicle. Keep repeating this until you attain the desired height of the holder. Create a base for the folder with ice cream stick only, by sticking them horizontally across the two sides of the triangle. Now cut the protruding sticks. Decorate & paint the holder as cream stick art 02

2. Popsicle stick art painting:

This can serve as a wall hanging or even as gift.

Things Required: Ice cream sticks, Glue, Paints, brush

Instructions: Glue ice cream stick to one another. This is to make your canvas ready. When you have a certain width ready, you can stop pasting the sticks further. Now start painting on the canvas whatever figurines you like. Your Popsicle art painting is cream stick art 03

3. Popsicle stick photo puzzle:

This will serve as the perfect play time when you create it and can later you can adorn you little study area by putting this as a decorative piece.

Things Required: Ice Cream Stick, Glue, One Photograph.

Instructions: Glue ice cream stick to one another. This is to make your canvas ready. Now take your photograph. Now stick the photograph on this base. Let it dry for some time. Now turn to the other side and start cutting and separating out the sticks. These different sticks will serve as different pieces of a puzzle. You have a jigsaw puzzle cream stick art 04

4. Popsicle stick baby chick:

This one is a cute little decor which will go down in your kids’ room as a favorite piece of theirs.

Things Required: Ice cream stick, Glue, Yellow paints, Black marker, Chart paper.

Instructions: Make a triangle with the sticks by pasting their ends together. Now make a paper base of the triangle. Paint the sticks with yellow paint. Cut a circular shape out of the chart paper. Make eyes and nose of the chick on this. Paste this on the top of the triangle. Make wings with the same chart paper and paste on the two edges of the triangle. Make two little feet using orange chart paper and stick it to the base of the cream stick art 05

5. DIY coasters:

Well, don’t spend on buying those expensive coaster sets, indulge in some craft time with your kids and you DIY coaster sets can be made at home only.

Things Required: Ice cream sticks, Glue, Fabric colors

Instructions: Arrange the ice cream sticks on a solid base and see that they are aligned properly and are along the same horizontal axis. Now tape them together. Now paint this coaster. You can even draw a figurine and paint using fabric colors as these are water proof. Your coasters are cream stick art 06

6. Honeycomb shelves:

Adorn the walls of your living room with these honey comb shelves. They are sure to get your guests’ attention.

Things Required: Ice cream stick, Glue

Instructions: Start sticking sticks from one end to another to get the shape of a pentagon. Repeat the pentagon shape on top it, until you reach a certain height for the honeycomb shelf. Of you want you can paint these. Mount them on the wall, your shelves are cream stick art 07

7. Gift tags:

Paper tags are a thing of the passé. Try these new stick tags, which are a fun way to add a unique element to your gifts.

Things Required: Ice cream sticks, Paints, Markers

Instructions: Make a hole each on both sides of the stick. Take help of an adult in doing this. Now paint the stick with a color of your choice. Let the paint dry completely and now start lettering on the sticks. To attach the tag to the package, slide ribbon, fibres or twine down through one hole, across the back of the tag, and up through the other hole, leaving a long tail. Wrap it around the gift, and tie in a bow or knot on one cream stick art 08

8. Popsicle stick wall art:

These will adorn your living area, and it also does not require anything apart.

Things Required: Ice cream sticks, Glue

Instructions: For this you need not require any specific instructions to follow. Just think of a pattern in your mind and make the wall your canvas and get going with your cream stick art 09


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