2 Newspaper Art And Crafts – Sword And Crown

COVID-19 lockdown can be an opportunity to bond with the little ones. Folks! Are you engaging in fun activities to spend quality time with your kids? I hear parents and grandparents are reliving their childhood telling stories to their loved ones. We have been inspired by the famous story of a king who sported a shiny crown and heavy sword. We have also been inspired by the story of a boy who promised his mother that he shall protect her, always. Their adornments and accessories have imagined a zillion times.

Newspaper art and crafts - crown and sword

So, today we thought to bring them to life. Our favorite newspapers have always come handy. From making paper fans to origami snakes, boats, and butterflies too, we have loved our good old trusted medium of news/information. Any guesses on what do we make today? We are really trying to be mindful. Yes! We are using old newspapers for making the king’s crown and sword to enact the stories for real. So, are you ready for some newspaper art and crafts?

In one of our previous stories, we’d shared with you the art of making fish and birds from paper. That easy papercraft (created by My Art for Life) busted the myth that newspapers are only used for paper mache, but the ideas here today are more about newspaper in its natural state…

Here is a simple video you can follow to make your own crown and sword which you must color with a range of preferred choice of sketch pens. The materials you need for this amazing and simple newspaper art and crafts (ideas) are the entire newspaper of any backdated, sellotape, and sketch pens/crayons.

We look forward to receiving your d=feedback in the comments section. Till then, happy story-telling and crafting props 🙂

Newspaper art and crafts step by step tutorial steps 1 to 8
Steps 1 to 8
Newspaper art and crafts step by step tutorial steps 9 to 16
Steps 9 to 16
Newspaper art and crafts step by step tutorial steps 17 to 24
Steps 17 to 24

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