9 Cute and easy craft ideas for kids using ice cream stick

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on October 9, 2015

Don’t just throw away those ice cream sticks! There are plenty of things to make with them. Here are 9 easy craft ideas for kids using the ice lolly sticks 🙂

We love our ice creams and ice lollies. Don’t we? But, folks, even though we are done licking the icy-cool orange-y, lemon-y, strawberry lollies, there is still a lot of excitement left! How? Well, you can actually use these lolly/ice cream sticks and make some really creative gift ideas, DIY crafts using the same.

Yes! You heard me right. The Champa Tree brings to you 9 easy craft ideas, from bookmarks to coasters to wrist bands and other cool kids activity ideas that can be of personal utility or could be gifted to friends/family. These superb craft ideas can also be included as indoor party games for kids during birthdays and play dates, etc.

So take a look at these 9 cute creative ideas that are sure to keep the little ones busy even after they are through with their favorite thing of the day- that is eating ice creams 🙂 

The images are self-explanatory. For more details, you can click on the links given under the ‘image source’.

1. DIY Vintage Picture FrameEasy craft ideas for kids 01

2. DIY Pen/Pencil StandEasy craft ideas for kids 02

3. Stick Wrist BandEasy craft ideas for kids 03

4. Do It Yourself Bird FeederEasy craft ideas for kids 04

5. Flowers BasketEasy craft ideas for kids 05

6. DIY CoasterEasy craft ideas for kids 06

7. Gift TagsEasy craft ideas for kids 07

8. Stick FigurinesEasy craft ideas for kids 08

9. Decorative Snow FlakeEasy craft ideas for kids 09



Image source: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

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