3 Must-have products for an easy breastfeeding experience

All you moms-to-be, now enjoy motherhood with an amazing breastfeeding experience! 

During pregnancy, your body endures many different changes on the inside and outside. Once you deliver your bundle of joy, your body will continue to endure changes, especially if you plan to breastfeed.Easy breastfeeding experience 01Breastfeeding is the most natural and healthy source of food for your baby. Breast milk contains many different vitamins, enzymes, and minerals your baby needs to grow healthy and strong. To make your journey through breastfeeding easier and more manageable, there are a few facts and products you should consider.

3 Must-have products for breastfeeding are as follows:

1. Wear correct feeding bras: Many women want to know why they should wear a nursing bra. Popularly known as nursing bras/feeding bras are beneficial for many different reasons, but the primary reason is comfort. Before, during, and after pregnancy, breast and nipples can become sore. Wearing a nursing bra provides more comfort than a regular bra and supports the weight of your breasts better. Unlike regular bras, you do not have to worry about underwire and other uncomfortable factors. One thing you do not want to encounter is interrupted feeding time for your baby.

TCT recommends: For the uninterrupted and comfortable breasting experience, try Morph Nursing Bras. Wearing a normal bra can cause blocked milk ducts, which can cause your milk production to decrease or completely stop. Once your baby sets its feeding routine. You should not interrupt the process.Easy breastfeeding experience 02

2. Use breast pads and apply nipple cream: Breast pads and nipple cream are the products that will make your journey through breastfeeding manageable and easier. It is the best way to stay leak proof while you are in that phase of breast-feeding. Breast pads are available in disposable and reusable form. Many women go for reusable breast pads because it is a cheaper solution and it is environmentally friendly. Some women prefer disposable breast pads because it may be more convenient to throw the pads away after they have used. If you have sensitive skin, disposable breast pads are not recommended due to the chemicals that are used. An allergic reaction may occur. There are certain brands which offer safe and reusable breast pads for the comfort throughout breast-feeding experience.

Nipple cream is an absolute must-have when you plan to breastfeed. When breastfeeding, your breast and nipples especially can burn, hurt, and become sore over a short time span. Every feeding affects your nipples, and you need to care for them to ensure you can continue to feed your baby and be as comfortable as possible. Nipple cream helps keep your nipples moisturized to prevent them from cracking and peeling. With nipples in this condition, it is almost impossible to feed your baby due to the pain and discomfort.

TCT recommends: For sore nipples, one must apply a cream which is ideal for use while breastfeeding, soothes and protects sore and cracked nipples, aids the growth of healthy new skin, and is dermatologically tested. We recommend MotherCare It’s Your Body Nipple CreamEasy breastfeeding experience 03

3. Nursing Sleepwear: As far as nursing sleepwear is concerned, this type of sleepwear is designed with you and your baby in mind. It helps you to feed your baby in ease. Most brands have good nursing wear specially designed for a mother to feed her baby easily and comfortably.

TCT recommends: These breastfeeding must-haves are available at many stores. However, our top recommendation is Morph Maternity. It is a good idea to purchase these breastfeeding products before your little one arrives. There is nothing better than being organized and prepared. With a new addition to your family, you will need to be as prepared as possible to ensure you and your baby receives the complete rest and attention.Easy breastfeeding experience 04



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