5 Best Educational Toys For 7-year-old Kids That Inspire Curiosity And Creativity

Our children spend a large part of their childhood around toys. As a parent, you want to make sure that these toys go beyond the mere ambit of playtime. You would also want them to actively contribute to your child’s growth. Educational toys in this context are a brilliant way to get the best of both worlds for both parents and kids. Wondering what can be appropriate educational toys for 7-year-old kids?

Educational toys for 7-year-old kids

Educational toys for 7-year-old kids:

The internet has made the availability of educational toys online easy. You can look up a wide variety of educational toys online in India depending on the age and interests of your child. Here’s a look at some of the best educational toys for 7-year-old kids.

1. Math fun

Want your child to learn mathematics the fun way? Then this Grade 3 Math Kit educational toy for 7-year-old will introduce them to the fun world of numbers. It opens the doors to the incredible adventures you can have with them. Designed by IIT alumni, this kit teaches them the addition and subtraction of fractions,  multiplication & division concepts, arithmetic operations using currency, and much more. Moreover, it is compact with building blocks, board games, and cards. This also helps develop your child’s motor skills making it a fun educational toy for 7-year-olds. 

2. Science adventure

Educational toys for 7-year-old kids - For brain growth

Science gets fun when you teach it with the right tools. This Science Kit designed to integrate fun learning into the Grade & Concept wise Mapped Activities for CBSE, ICSE & State Board is a great starter. This educational toy for 7-year-olds includes a host of experiments for children to observe and learn from. They can also nourish their curiosity further. They can easily pick up concepts of biology, physics, and chemistry using the toys, charts, and tools provided in the kit. It makes for a fun educational toy online. 

3. Learning with Dino’s

Dinosaurs have always been an animal of fascination and mystique. When you combine it with logical thinking and fun games you have an engaging educational toy for 7-year-olds. Here they can dig, collect and sell dinosaur fossils and also learn about them in the process. Designed to stimulate logical thinking and problem-solving, this game also allows them to assemble the fossils as per the name and period they belong to. This can easily be one of the best educational toys online that will make for a great birthday present too. 

4. Art all the way

The importance of art in a child’s development is immense and vast. This makes art kits one of the most inspiring and motivating educational toys for 7-year-old kids. Filled with craft tools like paper, paint, thread, and an illustrious guide to creating amazing craft items using them. Moreover, art kits like these help develop pincer grip and hand movements, creativity and imagination, patience and builds concentration. As parents looking to expand the creative horizons of their children, this art kit makes for reliable educational toys online in India.

Educational toys for 7-year-old kids - Art kit

5. Geometry games

Board games are slowly becoming a lost toy for children with tablets and smartphones slowly replacing them. However, the right educational tool online can help you introduce the fascinating nature of geometry to your children. This three Stick board game is an ideal educational toy for 7-year-olds as it combines geometry with fun that develops Creativity, Logical Thinking & Curiosity in children. From using the sticks to making simple triangles to hexagons to innumerable polygons, every time you end up creating something new and learning about them. It can be a fun educational toy for 7-year-olds and for the family too as it can be used as a Scrabble-like game for shapes. 

Ideally, playtime should be a period during which a child does not feel the need to learn or compete or win. It is simply a duration during which they can move and think freely. This may also involve sports with friends, fun games, free play at the park or even lightly structured activities. However, the increasing merger of screen-time and play-time for children can have detrimental effects on the growth and development of kids. To this effect, effective educational toys for 7-year-old kids can help take them away from gadgets. They can focus on developing skills in the real world. 

The availability of educational tools online has made the search for them very easy. SparkleBox is a platform that hosts a range of educational tools online in India for parents and children. They can rediscover the joy of playing with the best educational toys. So simply click and shop for wonderful educational toys for 7-year-old kids to make their playtime a learning time too. 

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  1. They can’t go out and can’t play outside…For mental health also these lists are helpful with learning Atleast they will be busy to create or make something new.

  2. The 2 in 1 Magnetic Wooden Writing Board is best for kids to learn as it has necessary tools such as markers, chalks, dusters, a whiteboard, and a blackboard that can be placed on the ground without support. Its bright colors, smooth edges and high-quality wooden material makes it a perfect choice for kids. My son loves to have fun drawing, writing, and creating patterns. It can be played in whichever is convenient for your child. The board is big enough to enjoy all the fun activities with and also easy to be packed away.

  3. Saving this for future reference. My niece is almost 6. I can try these games with her for sure. Thanks for sharing☺️

  4. They can’t go out and can’t play outside…For mental health also these lists are helpful with learning Atleast they will be busy to create or make something new.

  5. Geometry games are now one of my little ones favorite nowadays. I love these educational and open ended toys. Loved the post 🙂

  6. Very cool post! Especially during lockdowns when moms are looking to keep kids engaged, this serves as a savior.

  7. These are really amazing options to keep kids occupied. My both daughters love to do art and craft and can spend hours in those activities.

  8. I am saving this for my future reference. My daughter is 5 and she enjoys Lego the most out of all.

  9. Both my kids love to do art and craft and it’s a perfect way to keep them busy and entertained all the time. Infact I don’t have to even bother make them do it. They are with it on their own in their free time.

  10. I really loved this comprehensive list buddy there commendations are ideal fir kids to have loads of fun in the playtime

  11. My son loves educational toys and activity boxes. His latest interest is science experiment boxes! Goes so crazy for them! These are nice ones you have mentioned.

  12. Kids learn faster when there is a perfect blend of knowledge and fun. This is one of the effective ways of teaching kids. The toys are excellent and best for the overall growth of the kids.

  13. Learning and fun should go hand in hand when it comes to effective Learning. These are some excellent choice of toys which helps in holistic growth for a child.

  14. Kids have been spending a lot of time at home these days dur to situation around and ensuring they learn while playing has been tricky. These educational toys seems to bridge that gap and help in ensuring learnings as well.

  15. Making learning interesting and engaging is always a challenge faced by parents and teachers alike. These educational toys are really great tools to facilitate learning in a fun way.

  16. This is a perfect list for my grandson. He would particularly freak out on the Dinos and the Art kit. He is just crazy about them and knows all the names and their habitat and what food they eat.

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  19. These are some wonderful suggestions for sure, My kiddo is 6+ years now and I have invested in Maths kit, it is the best

  20. I strongly feel that we should pick those toys for our kids which not just keep them entertained b t also become a source of education through play. Kids learn many new concepts through play. All the options are equally good. If Math Fun and Science fun teach them the basics of math and science, then art all the way give them a creative outlet.

  21. Wow this is a great list of educational toys for 7 year old kids. I like the science adventure and art all the way most. I agree these educational could be a great help in reducing screen and gadget time for kids, as with online learning and pandemic situation, managing these both is already a big struggle for parents.