Chinese Gender Prediction Chart – OMG! It’s True

From the day you conceive to the day you deliver, the excitement of not knowing the gender of the baby stays with you. Even relatives and friends keep taking a wild guess about that. The baby shower becomes so much more delightful. You must be aware of the many old wives tales associated with child gender prediction during pregnancy?

Well! The Chinese gender prediction or calendar baby gender estimation is believed to have an accurate estimation. Though it is a bit tricky to comment on their level of accuracy as they have been passed down from one generation to another, but they sure are fun to hear about. Try out the Chinese gender predictor for fun.

Chinese Gender Predictor For Babies (Chart) - TCT

When I was carrying my boy, the traditional and most trusted house lady would say- ‘it’s a boy’, and we wouldn’t believe her. And, the day we came back from the hospital after the delivery, she looked at me and smiled. Much later, I asked her how did she know and she said, ‘well, it’s a secret’.

So, for all you would-be curious parents, these tales serve as an entertaining way of predicting the gender of your unborn child. Around the world, there are numerous traditional pregnancy sayings that claim to give you an indication if you are going to have a baby boy or a baby girl. There also exist the Indian gender prediction tips which are based on the sea’s tidal waves on full and no moon. They don’t have any proven scientific base but then who’s stopping you to make your presumptions till the baby is born, right?

Chinese Gender Predictor For Babies (Chart) - TCT

The Chinese gender predictor or prediction chart is also commonly called a Chinese calendar baby gender chart or Chinese birth calendar or Chinese pregnancy calendar. It is believed to be over 700 years old and now is supposedly kept in the Institute of Science in Beijing.

Lunar age of the mother:

It is fairly simple to use and is used across the world by would-be parents to get an indication of the gender of their unborn baby. It is not based on any proven scientific facts and is used only for enjoyment purposes as it is considered a bit more accurate as compared to other traditional pregnancy sayings. Before you jump on to use this calendar, it is important to know the correct way of how to calculate the final results. Know that this calendar is based on the lunar age of the mother and her unborn child.

How to use the Chinese gender prediction chart of predictor:

1. Determine your Chinese age at the time of conception. Just follow the link given below for the Chinese gender predictor. Click here for the chart.

2. Find the lunar month during which the baby was conceived by calculating backward from the expected date of delivery.

3. Take the Chinese calendar and find the point of intersection of your lunar age (calculated above) and your unborn child’s conception month. The corresponding box will give you an idea if you are expecting a baby boy or a girl!

Try this Chinese gender prediction chart (aka Chinese gender predictor or calculator). We have heard it is said to be up to 93 percent accurate in predicting your baby’s gender:

Chinese Gender Predictor For Babies (Chart) - TCT

So, folks, did you have fun with this Chinese gender predictor? At least, the idea is to make your pregnancy period a bit more enjoyable. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, life for you is going to be beautiful anyway.

Chinese gender prediction chart 04

Best of luck with your pregnancy and loads of love to your little one. In our next blog on gender prediction, we will take you through the popular Indian gender prediction chart.

Disclaimer: TCT doesn’t promote gender identification. This post is purely meant for fun and aims to add some excitement to the overall pregnancy experience!

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  1. It may be right or wrong but whatever the result is it’s always fun to guess or predict about the baby’s gender while someone is in pregnancy. It’s not science but only a predicting game for fun and then wait for the final day to know whether the prediction was made right or wrong ;-). There are so many resources online which could be a good read. Here I would like to suggest an interesting article “Chinese Gender Predictor” on “WhatToExpect”. Hope you all also enjoy reading.

  2. Interesting… I was told by a couple of older people that my first child would be a boy. They said that it has to do with the form of the belly… Which honestly was totally different when I was pregnant with my boy and with my girl…