Emotional Memories Tied To Things Such As Furniture

And our brain plays such an essential role in triggering or arousing the memory of strongly emotional images and events. For instance, I still remember the fragrance of my mum’s skin whenever she would hold me, kiss me, or hug me. That sense of smell, it still evokes such vivid memories which take me back to good-old carefree days.

Emotional memories – is for real!

At times I wonder whether I am being able to create or provide a similar pool of emotional content for my little one? Today, when everything is so technology-driven, is there any physical thing, something which isn’t lucid, that my son will be able to hold on to.. Associate emotionally too, as he grows old? For instance, the rustic smell of old books, will remind him of his mother who was known to swallow books? The sound of rustling leaves? Will it remind him of how we spent our evenings in the garden, scanning through life’s other living forms co-existing quietly? We would step on the dead old leaves, cracking up to the sound of the rustling. Will he remember it?

emotional memories 01

I still remember the teak wood recliner from my childhood days. It was carefully placed around the fireplace of our old British-style house. My grandfather would sit on it and read out beautiful stories to us. Talking about recliner, furniture, in fact, is one such thing in this world that has the power and the potential to tease the amygdala (that part of the brain which is critically involved in calculating the emotional significance of events.)

So, all this makes me wonder if there is any piece of furniture in our current house that can many many years from now transport my child (then a full adult) back to the day when he first started crawling?

Because you see time to is a funny thing:

Just yesterday, he was only crossing small gaps with his little toes and delicate legs. And he wouldn’t release one support unless he could reach another. A few months later, when he was able to reassess his moves after a sudden fall and go back to crawling again, things sort if changes. And, because time is such a funny thing, all the furniture that was once covered with heavy layers of sheets, corners taped with child-proof foams, all such items suddenly disappeared from my easy-access-cabinet. And, since we are talking about memories, emotions, and time, I guess I just realized now that if there is one thing that will surely hijack my sons’ amygdala, then it has to be our 4-seater Peppery dining set. Just like my grandad’s recliner, this piece of furniture will also witness a lot.

emotional memories 02

Right from having hidden under that table zillion times to having his first semi-solid on the booster seat which rested comfortably on the chair of the same, cute dining set, to cutting his first birthday cake there. That dining set is a quintessential family member. He has dropped the endless amount of honey loops, cheerios, milk, and what not on the wenge matt finish of the table, yet it stays the same. 

But, I want to create an assortment of memories for him to revisit the times to come. I would love if certain pieces of furniture can be passed on from one generation to another. That’s why this summer holidays while doing up my son’s room, I shall be making a big purchase from Pepperfry’s Mollycoddle range for this boy who is growing by leaps and bounds? We have set our eyes on McLaren Racer Baby Car Bed which shall rest right under that Superman decal. For those who don’t know what Mollycoddle is. Well! It is a versatile range of modern children’s furniture with a punch of vibrant and cheerful colors. Each piece by Mollycoddle is carefully designed, constructed, and curated. Choose from our wide range of baby cots, multi-storage bunk beds, or multipurpose study tables. Mollycoddle ensures you a world of children’s furniture that satisfies every furniture need.

We have decided to go for a fancy

So, mommies, what’s your favorite thing around the house, the thing that you are sure will hijack your little one’s amygdala, err. I mean evoke emotions, sweet memories

Oh! And here is wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day.


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