Why Buying Expensive Clothes For Kids Is A Dumb Idea

Welcome to motherhood! Well, well apart from the other usual things, what excites mommies of this generation (and across) is to dress up their kids in different hues of colors. Most moms I know get super excited about dressing up their little ones in dungarees or tutu skirts. Cute, no? Mothers love recording their baby’s’ milestones and in doing so they tend to buy a gazillion dresses for their fast-growing kids. Having said this, most we know are extremely conscious. They prefer soft and super cute organic cotton clothes and accessories for babies and kids! 

Call it a social media pressure or just the love of parents, that even a newborn kid ends up having a dedicated wardrobe for himself. As much as parents dream of having a separate and a large wardrobe for their little ones, but the hard fact is that this can get irritating at times. This is because it has been observed that a kid outgrows the maximum number of clothes in the first year of birth. No wonder a baby’s clothing size comes in the following range- newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 9-12 months. It is also because of the fact that whenever parents go to a mall, they end up buying expensive and inorganic (synthetic) clothes for their little ones, despite the fact that there are hundreds of unused clothes still lying in the wardrobe, waiting for their turns.

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Another trend that has been observed in the kids’ fashion industry is the surge of the prices of kidswear range. No parents shy away from buying a dress for their kid, even if it costs them a bomb (at the same time, made from poor quality fabric). Often kids only wear these dresses once or twice in their entire life, while for the rest of the time, it just lies in the wardrobe. The various occasions on when parents tend to splurge on their baby’s dresses are during various traditional functions of the first year, first Diwali, Christmas, or Holi. The worst part is of buying the dresses/clothes and later, relenting on the fact that quite an amount was spent on a dress which was worn just once or twice, and now it is just lying in corner of the wardrobe waiting to be given to the maids’ kids.

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Another reason why kids have an extensive wardrobe is that parents just buy the apt size, so unlike parents of the previous generations, where moms always used to buy one size larger so that the kid doesn’t outgrow it so soon and it comes to use in the near future as well. They want their kids to dress just right and don’t want baggy dresses. Of course, you would want to donate clothes, but moms feel the stress and anxiety when they must shuffle an entire wardrobe because of infants’  and kids outgrowing them and then going back in another cycle of buying expensive stuff.

A majority of moms (and dads) feel the pain of buying a set of new clothes almost every three months due to the above-mentioned factors. Thus, a quick and easy solution to the above problems which is faced by a major section of the moms across the world is to shop smart. Moms should also look at the affordable price range for their kids’ clothing collection.

Brands like BerryTree have come up with organic and affordable clothing range for your little ones. So, if you are looking to shop for something trendy, hip, and frugal outfit options that fit in your budget, then check out their massive and amazing range for kids. Get set in summer mode by picking up happening, and uber-cool clothes priced within your range.

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