Dettol empowers children to be germbursters

Getting children to wash hands isn’t a tough task anymore! Read on to know what Dettol has done to empower children to be germbusters!

Who does not like a mela? Especially when it comes to children, the answer would be none. Dettol, with an innovative idea to help children keep hygiene, used melas to a great effect. Organised in Konkan Mela, Mumbai, Dettol designed an activity to engage children into hand washing, in a fun and playful manner.dettol-empowers-children-to-be-germbursters-01

Conceptualized by McCann Worldwide, New Delhi, the advertising agency made the process of hand washing an enjoyable exercise for children by making giant bubbles – out of a solution formulated with Dettol Handwash and the bubble solvent. When the children burst the bubbles, their hands turned soapy. Further, Dettol positioned a team, carrying water, to wash their hands.

The excitement in children was quite evident, as hundreds of them gathered and participated in the activity. The sight of a giant bubble was enough to entice children to burst it, and in result, making their hands germfree.

Not just this, Dettol also produced special-edition Bubble Guns for children, so that the habit of hand washing is inculcated in them, while having fun at home.dettol-empowers-children-to-be-germbursters-02

Dr. Shailesh Gupta, one of the senior Pediatricians in Mumbai, said, “It is difficult to make children wash their hands. And due to unclean hands, kids are susceptible to many illnesses. I think, this exercise is a wonderful initiative by Dettol, as it really engages children into hand washing in a way they love and enjoy.” 

After getting great response from children and adults alike, Dettol is planning to further continue with this activity, by covering various fairs, across the country.

Mela is the Hindi word for a fair!


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