Traditional Indian Gender Prediction Tips – Are They Even True?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, our support staff once told me that I was carrying a boy. I laughed it off. I have always thought that most old-wives’ tales and gender prediction tips are silly! How can you predict the gender of a life breeding inside someone’s womb? But when I did deliver a boy, the first thing I thought I chucked amidst a whole lot other things was – “Oh! That lady was right!” Indian gender prediction tips are amusing and could also be genuinely true.


Sometimes we feel like are they even too good to be true. We have all heard about desi or Indian gender prediction tips and old wives tales out of curiosity. I mean it is one of the most mind-boggling mysteries in the universe (by far). I am sharing here some tips I have heard from friends, relatives, and family. Some are funny, and amusing while others are genuinely true. 

Listing down a few old wives tales and traditional Indian gender prediction tips:

1. Carrying high or low

If you are carrying low, it’s a boy. If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. This is how this belief goes. Well, I was carrying low and it turned out to be a boy. A friend was carrying higher and she had a girl. But hey, this was probably only a coincidence. Science says that a child’s genitals have nothing to do with how the woman’s body looks while pregnant. It’s more to do with the size of the baby and not the gender!

2. Basket belly:

You’re only putting on pounds around your belly. So what this states is if you’re “all belly,” that is if you’re gaining weight only around the belly, there’s a good chance you’ll welcome a boy, but if you’re carrying the excess weight in your hips, waist, and rear, you may be having a girl.

3. Glowing skin:

As the saying goes, “girls steal your beauty.” So if you’ve truly got that pregnant glow, this ancestors’ tale errs on the side of a baby boy.

4. Your morning sickness isn’t all that bad?

Those early weeks of pregnancy can be tough, regardless of whether you experience morning sickness or not. Some amount of queasiness is normal for every pregnant woman, but if your morning sickness is manageable, it’s possible you’re baking a boy.

5. Cold Feet:

If you find that your feet are always cold now that you’re pregnant, one ancestors’ tale holds that you might be expecting a boy.

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