Best Scooter For Kids That Works As An Awesome Road Runner Too!

If you are a working parent, sparing time for kids during your 9-5 job is a daunting task. So, gifting them something that could accompany them during their playtime has become parents’ ideal choice. Be it a pedal partner like a tricycle or a three-wheel scooter, riding is a fun activity that kids enjoy. Like any sport, scooting comes with a risk. But with the right equipment and guidance, your kids could learn balancing and a sense of independence. You can find several brands in the market offering scooter cycles while claiming the best scooter for kids.

Two boys on best scooter for kids

However, not every brand focuses on kids’ safety. R for Rabbit brings three-wheel scooters that are safe, light in weight, and most importantly have an adjustable T-Bar to make your kid’s ride easier and more enjoyable. 

So, here are a few options of the best scooters for kids offered by R for Rabbit that are attractive and give a fun ride to your kids. 

One of the best scooter for kids, options – Road Runner Lite:

1. Road Runner Lite Scooter for Kids (Black) | Offer Price – 3233/-

This three-wheel scooter by R for Rabbit looks super stylish and is made with premium material to make the ride more enjoyable. It comes with a 3-level height adjustment feature that helps the kid to ride a scooter with full comfort. It highlights LED wheels that attract kids and gives more attention to its looks.

Road Runner Rite by R for Rabbit

This 3-wheel scooter for kids features a streamlined new deck that provides space to ride the scooter easily. Also, it has a rear-wheel foot brake to stop the vehicle instantly while preventing muddy water from splashing on the leg. The brand focuses on safety first and is IS9873 safety certified for a pleasurable scooter ride. It has a weighing capacity of up to 50 kilos and is a perfect choice for kids 3+ years. This children’s scooter can be adjusted as per their height, has thickened widened PU wheels, a strong structure, and a non-slip rubber handle grip. If you liked this product, then buy from R for Rabbit at a special price of 3233/-.

2. Road Runner Lite Scooter (Pink) | Offer Price – 3233/-

This scooter cycle by R for Rabbit can be a perfect play partner for kids anytime. It is certified for safety and has a rear brake system to stop the scooter instantly in need. Furthermore, it has an adjustable handlebar and a weighing capacity of up to 50kgs. It is easier to ride and is an excellent activity to promote muscle strength and development. Along with motor skills comes great coordination. When the kid kicks, brakes, and balances simultaneously, it enhances coordination and improves decision-making skills. Usually, it doesn’t take much time for kids to master riding skills. Once they do, no one could stop them from showing their skills in public. 

Road Runner:

1. Road Runner Scooter (Red) | Offer Price – 3723/-

This Road Runner Scooter is considered one of the best scooters for kids due to several reasons. Firstly, it is light in weight and is En 71 Safety Certified to make the safest ride for kids. It has PU wheels and can be used indoors in summers. Furthermore, it has a non-slip handlebar, aluminium alloy pipe, extra wide brake, PU LED Wheels, and compact storage. PU Wheels gives a smoother ride and doesn’t leave any mark on tiles and floors due to high-quality PU wheels. It has an extra-wide deck that is enough to accommodate feet on the deck while riding. This 3-wheel scooter for kids can be used for kids between 3-14 years with a weight of up to 75 kgs. 

R for Rabbit Runner - Best scooter for kids

It has a push and pull-up side and develops a sense of balance in kids. Also, it requires the rider to use the arms and legs independently while sharpening their motor skills. 

2. Road Runner Scooter (Orange) | Offer Price – 3723/-

This orange Road Runner scooter is the best scooter for kids and ensures safety while riding. The scooter is designed with attractive orange to ensure that kids have fun during their playing time in style. This 3-wheel scooter for kids is suitable for kids of 3+ years and is an excellent activity to distract kids from the screen. It features a streamlined new deck which is enough to provide space to ride the scooter with proficiency. Furthermore, this scooter cycle has PU wheels for a smooth ride and can be used indoors. The brand ensures that its product is safety certified to give the best ride to kids. Thus, this scooter is En 71 certified and has ABEC 7 bearings for a smooth and fast experience. You can buy this product at an offer price of 3723/- from R for Rabbit. 

Road Runner Grand: 

1. Road Runner Grand Scooter (Blue) | Offer Price – 5487/-

This Roadrunner grand scooter from R for Rabbit is certified for safety and is strong enough to carry the weight of adults too. It has 2 wheels and a foot brake which helps the kids in balance. Furthermore, its handle’s height can be adjusted up to 3 different heights, thus, can be used for a longer period. It can be folded easily and have a metallic body that can withstand a weight of up to 100kgs. This scooter cycle can be purchased online at 5487/- from the R for Rabbit website. 

2. Road Runner Grand Scooter (Red) | Offer Price – 5487/-

The scooter cycle from R for Rabbit is value for money and comes with exceptional features. It is a two-wheel scooter with powerful rear fender brake that stops the scooter immediately preventing any accidents. It has 4 levels of the height-adjustable handlebar and can be used for children up to 7 years. Next, it has PU wheels that provide a perfectly smooth ride for kids. Loved this product? You can buy it at 5487/- from R for Rabbit and gift your little ones a ride worth waiting for. 

Take away thoughts:

Before buying any of these three-wheel scooters, make sure that you know how to keep kids safe while they ride the scooter. Teach them road safety, and buy them knee and elbow pads, helmets, and right footwear. The helmet comes in different sizes, so you won’t have to worry about the one that fits your child. 

Somewhere along the way, these best scooters for kids have become popular with adults too. Unless you are very concerned about kids’ safety, you would agree that a children ‘s scooter is a perfect gift to help them build motor skills and coordination. 

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