How To Improve Communication Skills For Kids In School

Academic success depends on a lot of factors, and communication skill is undoubtedly one of them. Almost in all education levels, students need to communicate effectively. This is an act of sharing and receiving information. Good communication skills enable students to express themselves. It allows others, including teachers and peers, to understand students in a better way. Keeping the importance of communication skills in mind, many CBSE Schools in Gurgaon and other locations in India have started using certain ways to develop this skill in kids. 

communication skills for kids

Teaching communication skills for kids – why is it important?

Basic communication skills are essential not only for academic success but also for the future career of students. Speaking, reading, listening, and writing are the most important skills for children in schools. Teaching kids communication skills in schools are necessary. If you ask why here is our answer for parents like you. 

1. Oral communication skills 

Developing oral communication skills is a must for all students because it helps with their daily interactions with others – be it peers, teachers or family. While teaching kids how to communicate orally, teachers in CBSE Schools in Gurgaon and other places should focus on the following points – what’s to say, when to say and how to say. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to non-verbal communication skills – facial expressions, eye contact and body language. 

Learning communication skills and interpersonal skills enable students in schools to ask questions and seek help from teachers and others. Thus, good communication skills help students achieve success in the academic world. 

2. Written communication skills 

Along with oral communication, having good written communication skills in children is necessary. Students should know how to express complex ideas and concepts through effective writing skills. Through effective communication with child in school, teachers can help him, or her learn to compose essays, write texts to peers etc. Written communication skills are essential for children because these enable them to express their complex ideas and thoughts through writing with clarity.  

How do you improve communication skills in children?

Being a parent, it’s quite normal to worry about how to develop communication skills in your kid. To help you with this, here we are with some easy ways. Check these out and use the best ones. 

1. Talk to your kid about anything 

Busy parents often find it difficult to manage time for kids. Due to the lack of communication, a lot of problems may arise. Also, kids find it difficult to open up to their parents because of a long communication gap. 

But no matter how busy you are, make sure you spend at least a few hours with your teen. Talk to him or her about anything and give him or her scopes to express thoughts and ideas. Even if you find it uncomfortable, the conversations should go on. Schedule weekly talk and walk program. Family dinners also bring opportunities to carry on long conversations with family members. So, don’t just lose such opportunities. 

2. Listen to your kid carefully 

Communication doesn’t only mean speaking. Listening is also a major part of it. Listen to your teen when he or she speaks. Also, encourage your boy or girl to ask questions about anything he or she wants to know. Be careful about your response. This is how you can demonstrate how to listen to others and respond to others. 

While teaching effective communication with children in school, teachers should also be careful about a lot of factors, including – the way they speak, how they listen and respond to students. Kids learn from elders. So, both parents and teachers should keep this in mind and work accordingly. 

3. Create and maintain a safe ambience 

Students need a safe and comfortable ambience to open up. Be it school or home, make sure they have a safe environment. Being a parent, it is necessary for you to create and maintain a safe ambience for your child. Let him or her trust you so that he or she can easily share his or her ideas and thoughts without any hesitation. 

CBSE Schools in Gurgaon take utmost care of every student. Teachers create and maintain a supportive ambience for students so that they comfortably talk about anything they want. A comfortable and supportive ambience allows students to express their academic needs. They can easily ask questions to teachers and seek their help if it is necessary. 

4. Share positive feedback

Sharing positive feedback is a great way to motivate your kid. Encourage your kid to talk more on any topic and share positive feedback for his or her performance. Positive feedback helps students boost their confidence. Also, it’s a major step to create a supportive ambience in the classroom and at home. 

Improving kids’ communication skills in schools can be easy for both parents and teachers when they follow the mentioned ways. However, parents are the ones who know which way works in the best way for their children. So, just find out the right way for your kid, use it and help him, or she develop communication skills. Teachers should also evaluate their ways to improve communications skills in students.

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