Myths About Pregnancy – 6 Popular Pregnancy Myths Busted

Expecting mothers often face a lot of do’s and don’ts to follow during all three trimesters of pregnancy. From cutting back on caffeine to putting a halt on working out, some are facts while others are just make-believe. Old wives’ tales are always amusing, but not all tales are true. Pregnancy myths facts are deep-rooted and with the overload of advice out there, it’s hard to decide what to believe and what not to believe. Always high on hormones, expecting mothers often seek advice from their parents and relatives, as they have prior experience; but times have changed and a lot of the traditional ways of thinking may not apply today. Pregnancy myth 01

6 Extremely popular pregnancy myths busted:

Myth #1: Pregnant women are expected to stay at home

Pregnancy myth 02

Myth #2: Carrying low or high determines the gender of the baby

Pregnancy myth 03

Myth #3: The vertical line that runs up the belly of a pregnant woman determines the gender of the baby

Pregnancy myth 04

Myth #4: The size of the belly is directly proportional to the weight of the baby

Pregnancy myth 05

Myth #5: Pregnancy food myths – Pregnant woman must eat for two 

Pregnancy myth 06

Myth #6: The grade of labor is of a similar level for a mother and her daughter

Pregnancy myth 07Do you know of any other pregnancy myths that are popular in your family? Are they true or false? Share with us in the comments.

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Information source: Dr. Kiran Coelho, the celebrity gynecologist  for Bio-Oil India and

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