The one amazing thing I wish I had during the worst time in my pregnancy

An innovative solution to have during the worst problem of pregnancy.

Most people who know me also know what a big freak I am when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene. I keep stressing on ways to maintain your own hygiene and how this practice must be inculcated in the younger lot from the very beginning.thing I wish I had during the worst time in my pregnancy 01

I have always felt gross if at any day I have had to miss on my personal cleanliness routine. The same goes with my child. I mean, yes, there are days when life is playing rough and one cannot be self-conscious. However, I believe in developing a state-of-mind that has its foundation in cleanliness and hygiene. And there is nothing wrong in that, right? However, during my pregnancy, things weren’t quite the same.

The pregnancy challenge that caused me a lot of mental stress:

For those who are probably reading my blog for the first time, well, let me just put it this way – I had a terrible pregnancy. I was mentally and physically weak in the first trimester. But the one thing that would make me feel even more sick than usual was having to take a leak frequently. While I was out at the clinic, or at work, at a shopping mall or on the road, this frequent urination was one thing that got me losing my nerve. Why? Well, because I have always avoided using public toilets!

While hygiene was my main concern, I also had the issue of having to bend during my pregnancy. Obviously, holding on is not recommended (and is the worst thing I once did). But I did not want to catch a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) from public toilet germs.

All this made stepping out for more than half an hour (and having to stay away from using the washroom) a major mental stress. Continue Reading..

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