The Power Of Positive Affirmations For Kids

‘You are amazing,’ ‘You can do it,’ ‘We believe in you’— it’s surprising how a few simple phrases can lift your spirits, regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult! That is the power of positive affirmations. They do wonders for your confidence and sense of self-awareness. Moreover, they foster resilience in individuals and help them develop a more constructive outlook towards the adversities that life throws at you.

International schools in India encourage positive affirmations

Equipping children with a positive attitude will help them cope better with the inevitable disappointments that they may face later on in life. As parents and teachers, it’s perhaps the best gift we can give our kids—give them personal attention, encourage and guide them to cultivate a positive self-belief system so that they can face any hardships with a smile on their faces. Many national and international schools in India are also starting to incorporate activities that spark positive thinking in their students. A steady supply of positive affirmations will make them feel positive and energetic and enable them to transform their failures into successes.

Science or magic – Which is it?

It simply means these positive affirmations are words or phrases that can counter negative thoughts that plague you and hold you back from achieving your goals. Kids’ education involves learning and absorbing many things every day. Positive affirmations have an effect on their conscious and subconscious thoughts. They also influence their behavior, habits, thinking patterns, as well as their environment. Therefore, it is up to us to nurture their young minds by giving them personal attention every step of the way and encouraging them to do well.

Trust me! It is not magic:

International Schools in India

These phrases are like placebos, i.e., if you believe that something will work out for you, then it will and just how you want it to! All you need to do is pick a phrase that inspires you and keep repeating it. Remember, positive self-talk requires regular practice if you intend to make lasting changes in your life.

There are various psychological theories behind the use of positive affirmations. The most important among them is the theory of self-affirmation based on the idea of preserving one’s sense of self-integrity. We can do this by reminding ourselves and believing that we can bring positive changes in our children’s lives and ours.

Benefits of self-affirmation in children:

Whether they come from parents, family members, or teachers, the benefits of positive affirmations are many:

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem 
  • Encourages creativity 
  • Promotes feelings of self-love
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Raises motivation
  • Serves as an effective coping strategy
CBSE schools in Bangalore promote positive affirmations

Getting acquainted with positive affirmations through kid’s learning activities:

Before getting started, give them your personal attention and practice positive self-talk on a regular basis. Teach your kids what the idea of positive self-talk is about and how it can help them in life. It’s perfectly fine if they don’t become believers instantly! It requires patience, and more importantly, think of it as an activity where they will get better with a bit of practice.

Our kids hear countless messages regarding their worth and potential while they are at school. They play a major role in a kid’s education by helping him or her to grow into confident and responsible adults. The role of good education in your child’s future goes a long way.

So the other day, I was speaking to a friend who told me about special online sessions and activities organized by a few CBSE schools in Bangalore for their students with international schooling standards. These sessions ensure that they get to explore their potential even though they are confined to their homes. The teachers and educators keep motivating their children to make sure that they do their best and achieve even the impossible.

Here are some fun learning activities that you, as a parent could try, to assert the importance of positive self-talk in your lives.

a) Begin by affirming them yourself

From time to time let them know how much they mean to you by using positive phrases such as: ‘You matter’, ‘You are amazing’, ‘You are perfect’, You are loved’ etc.

b) Make a creative affirmation board

Create a board or a chart that includes pictures and drawings of certain values, things you wish for them to cultivate and what they intend to become when they older.  

Encourage your children to include positive attributes that they feel or believe about themselves. Along with things that they may want to learn to do at a later stage of their lives.

c) Morning affirmation ritual

Include positive phrases in your child’s morning routine. Draw up a list of your family’s favorite affirmations and schedule a time when your child can read them every day.

d) Affirmation of the day

Choose one positive phrase that your child can focus on throughout the day. At a slightly later stage, allow them to choose the positive affirmations themselves once they get the hang of it!

e) Sing your troubles away!

Ask your children to set their special affirmation to the tune of their favourite song. Singing will lift your child’s spirits, and you will see that they are happy, energized, and motivated.

Here are a few positive phrases that kids can use regularly:

Positive affirmations in kids is now a part of best schools in India

a) I am enough.

b) I am an amazing person.

c) Today I am a leader.

d) I forgive myself for my mistakes.

e) I am perfect just the way I look.

f) My mistakes help me learn and grow.

g) Today is going to be a great day.

CBSE Schools in Bangalore
Exhaustive list of affirmations for those suffering from depression.

So, go ahead and help your children nurture and maintain a decisive outlook with positive affirmations. Please encourage them to pursue their goals and never give up, no matter what happens. These simple yet powerful phrases will help your child get there and grow into a healthy and happy individual.

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  1. I really loved the way you have shared the tips to make kids life filled with positive affirmation!! We usually make sure to spend quality time!!

  2. Good article. We have different ways of reinforcements and reciting affirmations. And the times are such that our children need to believe in themselves more than any generation did.

  3. We have different ways of reinforcements and reciting affirmations. And the times are such that our children need to believe in themselves more than any generation did.

  4. Yes positive affirmations are much needed for all of us and especially kids as they are more emotionally dependent. Yes these positive affirmations are not magic but does wonders.

  5. Loved the recommendations here buddy. The positive affirmations aid kids align their energies in the positive direction very early on in life

  6. Positive affirmations work wonders on kids. It’s not magic but it does work like magic. During lockdown when my daughter started feeling a bit low, we started reciting affirmations on a daily basis and it worked wonders.

  7. Positive affirmations are really helpful. It has helped me stay positive and focused. I am sure teaching our kids about affirmations early on can be life-changing. Thank you for writing this post.

  8. Absolutely agree. I try to use positive language as much as possible and persuade my older son to do so as well. He has a habit of complaining about things and I try to tell him to look at the positive side.

  9. You know I was planning to do this with my girls since long but somehow not able to execute. I agree positive affirmations have strong power to create positive mind set and feel good vibes. Thanks for reminding us.

  10. positive affirmations are very powerful for every age group. These days kids go through a lot of stress and sometimes we forget that they also need such affirmative statements. Having them inform of their eyes, works as a source of constant motivation.