Everything You Need To Know About Cloth Diapers That You Didn’t Know

As new parents, there are a million decisions that you have to take when your baby arrives. Every parent wants to give the best to their baby. They ensure each product they pick is best in class and safe for their baby. We think about everything from clothes to a cot. But we often miss out on one of the things that touch the baby 24/7 for at least 3 years- diapers! as it seems quite obvious with the limited options available. Diapers top the list of essential items that parents need to stock up on, for the next three and a half years. Why torment your little one’s dainty skin with rashes and overburden our nature with non-degradable waste when you have cloth diapers at your disposal?

SuperBottoms UNO cloth diaper

Millennial parenting’s new fashion statement:

Back in the day, our mothers and grandmothers swore by cloth diapers before the disposable ones made them ‘unfashionable’. Even today, a lot of parents are advised by the elders at home to make their babies wear cotton nappies or langots. These diapers can be extremely gentle on the baby’s skin but then they are every mother’s nightmare. Hence, parents often move to disposable diapers due to the inconvenience and leakage problems that come with homemade langots. However,  our good old granny’s homemade cloth nappies are gradually making a comeback (with a twist) as a millennial parenting trend. New parents have increasingly begun to see the advantages of a cloth diaper offers over a regular diaper. It is the fact that they are eco-friendly. 

Good for your baby’s skin, also good for our environment:

Super Bottoms Cloth Diaper for baby's comfort

With families going nuclear and with limited support at hand parents realize that though great for skin they are not manageable with the constant monitoring and changing required after every wet nappy. Not to mention that babies get disturbed by the wetness and often wake up from their beauty sleep. So parents adopt the commonly available disposable diapers for their convenience but often face issues of rashes and are often worried about the unknown chemicals in them.

At first, diapering with cloth diapers may seem like a lot of work, with all the washing and drying involved. But they will save you a small fortune over the next few years. Of late, new moms are selective about getting only the best and most natural materials for their bundles of joy. Hence these diapers fit the bill…perfectly! One more thing both my husband and I appreciate is the fact that we are in a way contributing to making a difference to our environment. The huge amount of non-degradable waste generated by disposing of used diapers in the landfills! This can in some way be controlled if we switch to the ‘dream diaper,’ or at least that’s how I’d like to address Superbottoms!

My experiences with cloth diaper:

Like all newbie working moms, I was dependent on disposable baby diapers purely because they seemed practical and convenient. Over time, my baby daughter began developing terrible rashes, and she’d get cranky at all the wrong times…especially at night. My sister noticed this and suggested that I try washable diapers or reusable cloth nappies.

Inspired by what I’d experienced, I decided to spend some time finding out more about these cotton diapers and the different brands that sell these fantastic products. The results were fantastic—the rashes reduced and eventually disappeared, she was less cranky and I was getting more sleep!

Comfortable cloth diaper

Today, not many brands offer cloth diapers a mother can trust as much. SuperBottoms is one such name that stands out. SuperBottoms UNO, a high-performance cloth diaper combines the skin friendliness of langots and the long-lasting performance of disposable diapers, which is an ideal option for every parent! Made of 100% cloth with organic cotton pads for absorbency, SuperBottoms UNO has no harmful chemicals. This quality makes it super safe for the baby’s delicate skin. 

Their offering is not only economical in the long-run, but they are also super comfortable for your babies. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the organic cotton cloth diaper. The unique range of SuperBottoms baby diapers are dream diapers. Imagine, having not to worry about the skin exposure to chemicals, the inconvenience of rashes (all the pain and grief that comes with it). Once you’ve tried it yourself, you’d decide for yourself!

Why SuperBottoms UNO over disposables?

The first thought that comes to mind when we think of washable diapers is ‘Ewwww’. This is because of the poop that needs to be scraped off every time your baby soils the nappy. That thought is followed by another – of washing – big hassle. Cloth diapers that can be easily washed in the machine and still look fresh are every mother’s dream that has come true with SuperBottoms.

Nevertheless, as moms we only want our babies to be happy and comfortable. So why let a little bit of extra washing deter us, right!

I could go on about why I prefer cloth nappies over disposables. But for now let me just begin by listing 5 hard to beat reasons:

5 Reasons why I believe in the power of the cloth diaper:

Super Bottom Cloth Diaper

1. They are super skin friendly

The best feature about cloth diapers is that they are made from natural materials like cotton, which is best for your baby. Often, these cotton diapers are recommended when the baby develops a rash or has extra sensitive skin. My baby’s skin rashes gradually disappeared. 

2. No harmful chemicals

You can be sure that cotton diapers are completely free of harmful chemicals or toxins like dyes, dioxins, phthalates, or sodium polyacrylate. 

3. Easy-to-use

Cloth diapers are highly functional and easy-to-use. They are easily machine washable with your regular set of laundry. There is no extra effort or special wash care required. SuperBottoms UNO are tested to last for 300 washes!

4. Money savers

However hard it may be to believe, long-term cloth diapers actually help you save your hard-earned cash.  Here’s how: they can be used for one or more children; They come with size adjustable buttons so no need to buy different sizes as the baby grows. They will last a while, as opposed to disposable ones which you will have to discard after a single-use.

High-performance cloth diapers such as SuperBottoms UNO are available in free sizes. So you would require only 15-16 of them throughout your baby’s diapering phase instead of thousands of disposable diapers, which are use-and-throw. This saves you more than 70% money on diapering. Your family spends far less on cloth diapers in a year. Additionally, you don’t have to stock up on their more expensive counterparts every month. Don’t we all look forward to saving a little more, especially when a little one is around?

5. Environment-friendly 

In a time when sustainability is the in-thing, parents have become more conscious about the ecological impact of dumping disposable diapers. Statistics show that a single infant uses on average 7,500 diapers in a span of 3 years. All of them turn up in a landfill!

If that is not scary enough, let’s also not forget the issue of chemicals that are used. Gelling material and polyethylene are non-biodegradable. They release a harmful pollutant called dioxin into the air that does considerable damage to the environment. 

Cloth diapers

On the other hand, washable diapers are completely natural, which means that they will decompose without causing any harm. 

It is obvious that best cloth diapers are an eco-friendly choice. They win on all counts when compared to the seemingly ‘convenient’ disposable baby diapers.

Super Bottom Cloth Diaper
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My thoughts on the nappy conundrum:

Understandably, it can be confusing at times when it comes to choosing the right kind of diaper for your little one. Especially given the amount of conflicting information floating around the use of the best  cloth diapers.  Sadly, this is largely because of the lack of sound knowledge about how good they are.  

We hope you are convinced to make the switch.  Share your thoughts, and let us know what you think about using natural and eco-friendly baby diapers!

By Sindhu Menon

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30 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Cloth Diapers That You Didn’t Know”

  1. Yes for sure cloth diapers are quite skin friendly and sustainable too as they are environment friendly. Gonna refer super bottoms to my friend who is expecting.

  2. I used cloth diapers for both my kids. They are good , there are no issues of skin rashes. On top of they are economical.

  3. For both my children I have used cloth langots but yes when we had to go out I have used disposable diapers but with coconut oil always so didn’t have the rash problem…very well explained dear…

  4. What an informative article and I think we have to choose the clothes Drypers because so there is so earth friendly too.

  5. Cloth diapers are indeed the best for babies and the environment… I will share this with my aunt who has young kids!

  6. Cloth diapers are always great for kid’s skin. Even I have used them for my little one and now with such a great range of organic cloth diapers, it’s worth to use them!!

  7. Cloth diapers are definitely better than synthetic ones. In terms of comfort and health of the babies as well as in their contributions towards a sustainable environment.

  8. I agree with all the points. I tried using cloth diapers and bought SuperBottoms only. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and money saver max. But I kept switching between both disposable and washable ones as per need.

  9. Oh yes we used cloth at the end of the diaper period because superbottoms came in. We are still using them though we have learnt how to use the loo. Accidents still happen.

  10. Yes for sure cloth diapers are quite skin friendly and sustainable too as they are environment friendly. Gonna refer super bottoms to my friend who is expecting.

  11. This is amazing reading regarding diaper…Well i have never used cloth diapers for my kids. I am going to share this with my cousin definitely this will help her.

  12. So we were all brought up in cloth diapers. I only heard about disposable diapers in my 20s. It’s so nice to see a comeback to eco-friendly practices with this article.

  13. Cloth diapers is best for the baby and the environment as well. We are a fan of Superbottoms too and currently using their training pants as well. Your post gives a detailed info and will share it with some of my friends as well.

  14. In the olden days, things were more eco friendly. Things have changed now. As we become more advanced, people want everything easy but forget about sustainability and other health issues caused due to materials that go into making these diapers. Personally , I would rather go with cloth diapers than the current day diapers.
    Very well written and a must address topic!

  15. This is amazing reading regarding diaper… For my kid I have used both must tell I was comfortable cloth one for my kid… With chemical free going to share this with my cousin definitely this will help her.

  16. These skin-friendly cute diapers are the must try for delicate skin. Though I don’t need, my sister needs them for her son. Passing to her.

  17. I have used both disposable as well as cloth diapers for my son. Though I really liked using cloth diapers most of the time, I felt disposable diapers were easy to use while traveling and also during the winter season.

  18. I have used a mix of cloth nappies, cloth diapers and disposable ones. Summer months, we preferred just nappies with a rubber sheet underneath and mattress protectors. At night we used disposable diapers. As kids grew, nappies were tough to handle so we moved to cloth diapers. Super bottoms is one of the brands I used and happy with it. However, for nights i still use disposable diapers, because even the night cloth diapers didn’t prove very effective. One other problem I had is how quickly the diapers start to stink. But definitely they are eco and pocket friendly so that’s a huge plus.

  19. Indeed cloth diapers are best as they skin friendly and safe for environment too. I had used cloth diapers for my both girls. Super bottom UNO sounds like good brand. Thanks for sharing all detail information.

  20. Can’t agree more, cloth diapers are good for baby’s skin and environmentally friendly too but absorption can be an issue, I also used cloth diaper for my baby at home, for outdoors I used disposable ones.

  21. I have used both disposable and cloth Langlots for my kids. They both have advantages and disadvantages. But as we are looking for more sustainable and eco friendly living these superbottoms UNO seems to be bringing best of both the worlds.