3 Shocking truths I want my child to know

Importance of telling the truth is an essential practice. Some of these truths may not be pleasant but I just want my child to know them anyway!

A mother teaches love, compassion and beautiful things to her child. A mother also teaches the importance of education and good manners to her child. Most mothers I know also give out important lessons of life to their sons and daughters. Infact, parents should always tell the truth to their kids. Well! It is believed that a mother is the best teacher a child can ever have. A good parent understands the importance of telling the truth and so they try and teach their children (early on) how to be transparent in their relationships.I want my child to know 01

But, I have taken a step further. Here are 3 shocking truths I want to tell my child. Fortunately (or unfortunately) none of these truths is coated with sugar, lime, juice or fragrance.

1. Where have you come from?

You have not been sent by god! You have actually been created by two humans. Well! I would like you to believe that god is the reason why these two humans met and decided to create you but you were surely not created in one day. It took you close to a year to get cooked in the oven. Your father and I share a beautiful bond with each other and one day it resulted in an embryo that traveled down the fallopian tube inside my body and got attached itself to the wall of my uterus. Technically speaking, this concept is far more complicated (yet easy)! However, remember one thing..this cycle of life is all because of people like your mother. Women in general are capable of taking a lot of pain, physical and mental. They are responsible for the world to go on and on. You see, that’s where everyone comes from. You came from me. So, have respect for the ultimate creator of life for she is why you are here.I want my child to know 02

2. Where do we all go

Just as every journey comes to an end so does life. Life is a journey my child! For some of us, this journey could hold a lot of halts and still go on while for others it could be a short one, probably much sweeter. You may ask- ‘Mama, what happens when the journey comes to an end’. So, here is my answer to that. Well! My child, a sort of an awakening takes place thereafter. It can last for a few seconds, but it teaches you a lot. According to a study, it has been revealed that people who have had a near- death experienced have undergone a phenomenon as having their life “flash before their eyes”. It’s more like the journey teaches you some important lessons; your victorious and guilty moments prepare you for the next journey. So, in short, let me just say- that we go into a state of transition. That’s where we stay for a while. We learn and unlearn a lot of things before one takes form of an embryo.

3. We only need each other till a point

Yes! You heard me right. Don’t think I am being selfish but it’s best if you understand this as soon as you can. You are the most important person in my life and I need you. I am selfish in wanting you at every walk of my life. But, my child, I don’t want to ruin your life. It’s unfair to have you around me all the time. You will (and at some point) have to walk away from me. And then one day, you shall meet that special person who will hug you, kiss you like no one ever did. You shall decide to embark on your own journey. That’s going to be so beautiful. Don’t evert think that I have or will ever let you go. In my mind, in my heart, you shall always be with me.  A mom’s goodbye, kisses and hugs last long after she lets go. So, our bond will stay strong, it’s just that we will not be there for each other every day, every SINGLE day. For how long do you need me? – we can debate over this issue. It’s going to be my life’s most heart-wrenching moment, the one where I would let you decide on ‘for how long do you need me?’I want my child to know 05

And, that probably sums it all..

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14 thoughts on “3 Shocking truths I want my child to know”

  1. oh…I could so well connect with your feelings in the last point… I know I will dread the moment, but I know I have to let go…
    Read few of your articles and they are all so meaningful, really appreciate your effort in bringing up a good (well mannered, well behaved, empathic) child into this world..I’ll take these learning and try to incorporate them.