High Chair For Babies – Every Mother’s Essential Need

Introducing solid foods is one of the most exciting milestones in your baby’s growth. It’s a charm to watch their reactions and expressions as they try different tastes and textures. At this stage, it’s good to consider buying a high chair for babies for a safe space to nosh to their heart’s content.

Luvlap high chair for babies
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Benefits of high chair for babies:

The best high chairs for babies are not only convenient for parents but also safe for babies. However, with the plethora of options in the market, it can become challenging to choose the right high chair for babies. 

LuvLap, one of the leading baby brands in India, offers the best quality products. With all the necessary features and suitability for every need, LuvLap Royal high chair is perfect for babies.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of a high chair for babies and how LuvLap high chairs stand out from the rest. 

1. Perfect for baby-led weaning

Most of the parents follow the baby-led weaning approach. I chose this for my son because baby led weaning:

  • Enables them to explore and choose what they eat 
  • Encourages babies to be independent
  • Exposes them to various textures since the beginning
  • Could prevent them from being fussy eaters
Mother feeding her baby
Mother feeding her child

Babies learn faster to feed themselves on a high chair. Moreover, a fixed spot for feeding a baby allows bringing their attention only to the food. Whenever we made our son sit on the high chair, he was excited, knowing that it’s mealtime.

2. Less messy

Imagine your baby sliding those little hands dipped in mango puree or khichdi across the walls. My house had a yellow stain everywhere on the walls at the height where my little one’s hand could reach. It’s one of the main reasons I opted for a high chair for babies. Believe me! Irrespective of the spoon-feeding or baby-led weaning approach, there is bound to be some mess while feeding a baby. 

High chair for babies makes it easier to keep food contained and comparatively less on the floor. You don’t have to run around while feeding a baby. In addition to that, you can have direct interactions when seated on a high chair for babies. It helps with their vocabulary and communication abilities too.

3. Effortless cleaning

Cleaning up is another aspect to consider while feeding a baby. A high chair for babies ensures the mess is contained only to the place where they are seated. It makes cleaning an easy-peasy task. To ensure effortless cleaning, look for the best high chairs for babies with the following features:

  • Removable and washable seat cushion
  • Adjustable and removable food tray
  • Adjustable height and seating position

LuvLap high chair has a removable and washable dining tray and seat cushion for hassle-free cleaning and ensures hygiene while feeding a baby.

4. Safety and comfortability

It is essential to ensure a safe and comfortable seating posture while feeding a baby. Improper feeding positions can cause choking hazards. If you are into baby-led weaning, make sure of the following before you start feeding a baby.

  • Baby can sit upright facing the table
  • They can pick up food bites and bring them to their mouth

Most babies develop these abilities at around six months. A high chair can make things easier for parents during this phase of their development. The best high chairs for babies come with impeccable features to ensure a safe seating position:

  • 5 point safety harness
  • Adjustable seat, footrest, and height to ensure proper seating posture
  • Built with sturdy materials
  • Wheels, if any, comes with stoppers.
  • No rough edges or hinges

LuvLap Royal high chair covers all these features making it a perfect choice for feeding a baby.

  • LuvLap high chair has a 5 point safety harness to keep the baby secure and comfortably seated.
  • The height of the LuvLap high chair is adjustable to 7 positions and the shoulder height to 2. It ensures that the high chair grows with your baby.
  • Its adjustable 3-position seat recline, footrest, and dining tray ensure comfort for babies.
  • It comes with 360-degree swivel wheels with brakes for easy movement across rooms.

5. Pleasant mealtimes

Baby led weaning encourages family meals, and a high chair for babies helps to include the baby in mealtime easily. When the tiniest member joins the table, it’s a delight for the whole family. It generates a feeling of inclusion for the babies, and they learn the eating etiquette faster watching others eat. Most of the best high chairs for babies come with wheels for easy movement and foldability features for space-saving.

Along with its impeccable safety features, the LuvLap high chair comes with the following helpful additions.

  • LuvLap high chair’s compact folding enables space-saving and easy storage.
  • It also comes in various colors and prints.
  • With all the needful features, the LuvLap high chair is perfect for baby-led weaning
Luvlap high chair for babies

6. Not just for mealtimes

Even though a high chair for babies is primarily for mealtimes, it serves other purposes too. At our home, we use it with our toddler for the following:

  • Encouraging fun developmental activities such as smush painting, etc. – High chair for babies makes it easy to set things up. Our son seems to concentrate more when seated in a place.
  • It’s our favorite reading spot during the day.
  • At times, we even use it as a regular chair while watching TV. It ensures that he stays away from the screen and is happier while sitting in it with some snacks to munch.
  • To ensure safety when busy with work, I keep my son near me in the high chair with some books, activities, or a tablet to keep him occupied.


With all the benefits, investing in one of the best high chairs for babies seemed like a wise decision for me. The European standard EN 17 certified LuvLap Royal high chair, is without doubt the best high chair for babies and ensures safety and comfort for your little one. It is recommended for a 6 to 36 months baby, weighing up to 15 kg. 

Spend some time to ensure that your baby is ready for solids and to be seated in a high chair. Before feeding a baby, ensure the seating position is comfortable and safe for them. With the right high chair for babies, mealtimes can be a fun and pleasant bonding experience for you and your little one.

By Ashwathy Gopalakrishnan

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  1. I Remember when Viraj was small we also used this high chair. It really adds comfort and he got habit of eating all by himself.

  2. I personally feel that high chairs are a blessing as it makes everything so easy with the baby sitting at ur height level…. from feeding to talking to baby at eye level, its perfect.

  3. I am personally a big fan of high chair, it provides so much comfort to the caregiver, as you dont need to bend or be in an uncomfortable position. The baby also learns to be so much more independent

  4. High Chair is such a blessing. I hated to run around my kids while feeding them, have always used highchair.

  5. I had heard a lot about LuvLap brand before but did not know much insight. after reading your detail review felt that it is really great with good functionality. I am sure it will make meal time more fun and comfortable for infants and parents.

  6. I have been using luvlap for over 1 year now. I really like the quality of the products, and they are comfortable and well thought.