Is Excessive Sleeping Normal During Pregnancy?

There’s a TV series that is reaching its finale and you’ve dedicated some time just to sit back and watch it right from the opening credits. But just as they roll by, your eyelids begin to grow heavy, and you find yourself nodding dozily at the TV screen. You wake up only to find the end credits rolling up. This is common for many of us, but when you’re pregnant, it’s a serious indication that you need some rest.

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Excessive sleep during pregnancy:

Why do most pregnant women feel so sleepy? Is it a healthy sign? Let’s find out if excessive sleeping normal during pregnancy!

Don’t be too hard on yourself; feeling sleepy during pregnancy is not unusual. So, try to accommodate your new sleeping patterns without overdoing it. Grab a cat nap during the day if you feel too exhausted or go to bed earlier to wake up fresh the next day. Listen when your body tells you to slow down. 

Why so sleepy?

Excessive sleep during pregnancy is caused by fatigue, which is brought on by the rapid changes taking place in your body and to some extent the rising progesterone levels. This hormone helps regulate your reproductive cycle and is also partly responsible for making you feel sleepy.excessive sleeping normal during pregnancy 02

Such hormonal changes cause the exertion that makes you feel like you’ve switched places with a marathon runner. The need to catch up on sleep too often is particularly experienced during the first trimester. The second trimester or “The Happy Trimester” as some of us fondly call it, sees the lethargy and nap breaks on the toilet seat reducing to an extent. However, this begins to wane soon after you enter the third trimester.

Set the alarm

Although excessive and erratic patterns of sleeping in pregnancy are normal, studies show that prolonged bed rest is not healthy as it could pose serious risks like blood clotting, low baby birth-weight, weakened bones and muscles, and slower overall recovery. Make your pregnancy easy, by carrying out these pregnancy positions during pregnancy and be stress-free as these pains will soon vanish as you progress your pregnancy phase.

While feeling sleepy is just one symptom of pregnancy, you may also experience others like light headedness, morning sickness, tender breasts, and mood swings. Resorting to home remedies and regular check-ups will ensure you overcome this challenging phase with your precious bundle of joy.

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