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Breastfeeding, also known as nursing, is the process of feeding babies and young children milk from a woman’s breast. I’m 100% sure of one thing, that at some point or the other, you would have definitely heard someone telling you or someone else, ‘Mother’s milk is so good’. There’s no denying that the benefits of breastfeeding are many!

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So, bingo! Here we go with a sneak preview of a nursing mother’s life whose 7-month-old infant refuses to go off her breasts.

I am not complaining at all though there are days when I blame my pediatrician for not having given me enough warnings on the downside of it all. I have lost some 10 kilos already and NO! I am not happy about it. There are times when I want to travel with ease or simply try out that lovely bubbly, the entire town has been talking about (I used to drink like a fish but that must have been like ages ago!!) Have my favorite Chinese soup or wear that pink dress I picked up early last year. It has a beautiful neckline…

Nevertheless, these are the only disadvantages of breastfeeding. I mean, come to think of it, they are not even such life-changing altercations. A parent can go to any length to gift his/her child wonderful health. Thus, here I am drafting a post while feeding my little one his favorite food, yummy and healthy, breastfeed.

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We spoke to Dr. Charu Kalra, a Delhi-based pediatrician with over 12 years of experience.

Outstanding health benefits of breastfeeding:

1. Strengthens the immune system

Breastfed children are less vulnerable to contracting a number of diseases later in life, including type 1 and 2 diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illness, and cancer before the age of 15. Breastfeed is tailored as per your child’s needs. During nursing, the mother passes secretory immunoglobulin A (also known as IgA, an antibody that plays an important role in mucosal immunity) specific to the pathogens present in her body, thereby protecting the baby from those viruses and bacteria.

2. Easily digestible

By far one of the best benefits of breastfeeding or breastmilk is that it is an excellent source of nutrition. The milk is super gut-friendly. It is also extremely light because of whey protein wthat can be easily digested by the baby. It also contains casein protein (which is slightly more difficult to digest) but in less quantity. Besides, diarrhea is less likely to occur in infants who are fed breast milk.

3. Protection from food-related and other allergies

Again, let’s thank immune factors such as secretory IgA for keeping allergies at bay. Usually, food allergic reaction happens when the wall of the intestinal tract is irritable which causes undigested proteins to enter the gut. IgA is responsible for the prevention of intestinal inflammation thereby ensuring the baby doesn’t develop allergies. Hence, even if a parent is prone to eczema and the baby has been well breastfed, then the probability of him/her getting this skin allergy goes down considerably.

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Mothers are out there to gain as much from breastfeeding! However, the biggest sense of achievement is the fact that you are able to provide your baby with the basic nourishment which is so helpful for his/her formation. So what if my baby continues to breastfeed for another 6 months. I am prepared and more than happy to nurse him. After all, that bubbly can wait and that pink dress might as well stay in the wardrobe a little longer. Also, I am not dying to have that Chinese soup. Now, can you see the glowing halo at the back of my head? Or my happy face, as if I have just come back from a spa therapy.

Dr. Charu Kalra’s advice for breastfeeding moms during COVID-19 pandemic

Now that you know the benefits of breastfeeding, you can rest assured that you are empowering your child. Have a happy and safe breastfeeding experience!

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