Did You Know Facts – Bones Of A Newborn

We live by google. If we have any doubts, we rush to google. Be it an abnormal situation with kids, Dr.Google comes to the rescue. We mug up everything without cross-checking the authenticity. But still, there are some strange facts that you wouldn’t still know. We are sharing those with you in our “Did you know facts” posts. Today it is about the bones of a newborn. Brace yourself for the shocking revelation.

Did You Know Facts #1 – Bones of a newborn

When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Adults have 206. Baby bones fuse together during growth to come up with the new number.

Amazing baby facts - Bones of a newborn

Isn’t it amazing? Normally we talk about increasing the number bones by breaking the bones but decreasing the number by fusing two bone is an awe-inspiring fact. Well, breaking bones or bone fractures are apparently not something to be discussed on a funny note. We should definitely know about the bone fractures in kids and what has to be done. But out point is completely different. More of a fun fact. Do you know which bones are fused together?

Most of the bones would be in the skull so that the baby can easily squeeze its way out of the mother’s womb. As the child grows, they fuse together. There are a few unfused bones in arms and legs too. This is to give space so that ones the child grows, the bones can develop. Kids tend to fall quite often. In such cases, the infused bones helo in reducing the fall injuries.

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Information source: Online Nurse Practitioner Schools

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