Thought For The Day – Aromatherapy

Do you know the smell of your mother? Then you know that it is the best aromatherapy for your heart and your soul. The most effective one. Without even realizing it, we treat ourselves with the aroma of our mothers. This is because there is a magic to the motherhood.

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day: Aromatherapy

Thought for the day - Aromatherapy

“If you believe in aromatherapy, then you definitely believe in motherhood”

-Vaishali S Sharma

The first smell that we connect with motherhood is that of the breastmilk. That is the first smell a child would recognize – the aroma of his/her mother’s breastmilk. Then when we grow up, we see our mother work their sweat out. The smell of their sweat is the next smell you relate to your mother, isn’t it? Every child can identify his/her mother’s smell. Without knowing the fact that they are undergoing the most effective aromatherapy, we cuddle close to our mothers for the feeling of comfort. We all need to deal with the demons in our lives. We try out several methods to be out of the zone. But being in your mother’s lap is the best therapy you can give yourself.

Do you agree? Have you had this aromatherapy from your mother? Let us know in the comments below.

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