How To Stay ‘Married’ After Having A Baby – Good Relationship Guide

Life after marriage changes and after having a baby it changes in a BIG way. Here are 4 amazing ways to ensure good and a super healthy spouse relationship!

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Having a baby is one of the most fulfilling moments of one’s life. Things change obviously, as you are no more a wife or a sister or a daughter or a daughter-in-law, or a .. the list is endless. Life changes for a new dad too. He now has a lot of WORK to do. With the arrival of your own bundle of joy, the first few weeks are (often thought to be) the pretty PRECIOUS ones. Precious moments spent in each other’s arms. I would often rest my head on my partner’s arm and have my little one cuddled up to me. That only lasted for a week. The minute Ace went back to work (after a glorious week of so-called Indian paternity leave), REALITY HIT!!

Yes! And it hit so hard that we took a lot of time to cope with it. So, while you hear a lot of “been-there-seen-that” parents telling you about the wonderful journey of motherhood and fatherhood, there you are, mentally breathing it all, ingesting all the gorgeous information with the hope that perhaps things will get that blissful for you too, the fact remains that you aren’t really swallowing it up. You are actually in a state of delusion. And you ask yourself – “Are we the only couple to be going through fights?”

Well, no, you aren’t the only one!

Mood-swings, sleeplessness and a crying new born/infant/toddler (toddler?!? You kidding me? Well, no, not kidding!), the stage of insanity can actually stretch up to 2 years!!).

I and Akhil would argue over silly issues such as whether the existing room temperature OK for Brat H? Is he taking enough fluids? What happened on his right cheek? All this would end up in a blame game. We fought and fought for nights (and days too).

Hungry Mumma felt like a cow and tired daddy was working like a machine.

This isn’t just our story!

And one day I realized we have to do something to strengthen our bond. Having a baby certainly changes our lives in a way but we must not find that as an excuse to stop enjoying or having fun or going for movies or dating each other all over again.

Here are 4 amazing things that a couple should do to revive and reinstate their beautiful relationship:

1. Surprise him/her once a week

Get her a bunch of flowers on your way back from work. Women love that! Or perhaps a spa therapy? Ladies, you can gift your handsome a boys-night-out on a weekend. Let them go, have fun. Your man will love you for that. They too need a breather.

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2. Cook a meal together

This can be therapeutic. If your man isn’t quite interested in cooking, send him out for grocery shopping. And while he is taking a look at your shopping list, surprise him with a ‘please get a bottle of wine. I love you’! He is going to have a lovely smile on his face. Now, isn’t that a way to make him feel special?

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3. Read out stories/ Sing rhymes together

Your baby, no matter how small he is, can actually sense the strength or stress of the bond shared between his parents. So, create a conducive environment. Sing out loud together, both of you. Read out stories to your little one. Do it together or take turns. It is a good practice. A proper upbringing of the child begins from here. Besides, maintains a healthy house environment.

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4. Movie date

Watching movies at home can be fun too. I wouldn’t recommend you take special time out, book tickets and go for a movie after having had to stress over the babysitter matter. Or requesting relatives/friends to watch out for your kid(s) for a couple of hours. I know, you won’t have any good time cause you will be constantly worried, waiting anxiously for the interval to check on your baby. So, here is what you can do. Grab a copy of the movie of your choice and screen it at home as a late-night show. Some popcorn for a starter and ice cream for a dessert is a wonderful idea.

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Let me know what you think about these ideas. I have personally tried them all and seriously it worked for us!

Keep blooming folks 🙂

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