10 Amazing DIY Art And Craft Ideas Using Vegetables

As a kid, I would often indulge in vegetable stamping. Nothing useful, but DIY ideas are often tried and true ways to kill a child’s boredom. I would ask mom to give me a sliced carrot which was dipped in a pool of purple, pink and blue, and there it went- a stamp on the wall. Later, all the mess had to be cleared. There I went, spending hours and hours rubbing the wall with the sponge and water. But, I don’t mean to put you and your little one in agony. DIY ideas such as stamping, painting and all the art and craft involving vegetables can be fun too.

Mummies and daddies must chop vegetables neatly, in thin slices or maybe into bits and pieces with proper structure and well-defined outlines. Hand it over to your little or not-so-little ones and let them paint or stamp the walls, linen, plain bags, white- tees, cream (plain with no print on it) scarves with them. A thank you or a greeting card can also look cute with such art! And on a special day, let them gift a flower made out of veggies to their loved ones. Yah! These are edible too.

The images are self-explanatory. For more details, you can click on the links given under the ‘image source’. From Thank You Cards to paintings, the list goes on!

10 DIY Ideas Inspired By Vegetables Stocked in Your Refrigerator:

1. Lettuce Flower Painting

DIY ideas 12
Image credit: http://indulgy.com/do/from/171626358105

2. Apple Color Painting

DIY ideas 13

3. Carrot & Cucumber Flower

DIY ideas 14
Image credit: http://www.lovethispic.com

4. Okra (Ladyfinger) Printed Thank You Cards

DIY ideas 15
Image credit: http://bkids.typepad.com/bookhoucraftprojects

5. Vegetable stamped Greeting Card

DIY ideas 16
Image credit: http://blog.2shopper.com/

6. Corn Print Scarf

DIY ideas 17
Image credit: http://fun.familyeducation.com/fall/crafts

7. Celery Stamped Bouquet of Flowers

DIY ideas 18
Image credit: http://www.mommygaga.com/

8. Colorful Citrus Stamping

DIY ideas 19
Image credit: http://www.popsugar.com/

9. Pines Cone Fish Scales

DIY ideas 20
Image credit: http://unschoolme.blogspot.in/

10. Apple Print Carry Bag

DIY ideas 21
Image credit: http://imgfave.com/

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