Forget About The Mess

That very moment when a mother decides to forget the mess her house is in. Read on about that moment and what made her ignore all the mess!

When the mother decides to forget the mess:

It has been a while since I shared anything about Brat H. Well, the weather here in Gurgaon (India) and up north has been really bad. Raining or cloudy most of the time. I am dying to see a dry, sunny day. Besides, we have a sick baby who has been cranky. He has been doing ninja on me and what amazes me the most is the fact that despite being unwell, this little man of mine has all the strength and acrobatic skills to show off!

Forget about the mess 01

To add to it all, there are piles and piles of wet clothes that are dying to meet their fate under the sun, then there are dishes that are waiting to be washed, for now, they are all heaped up in the sink. The maid doesn’t show up. I have a grumpy kid and a fussy dad who are trying to deal with each other’s feelings.

All in all, my house is a mess. A real mess and I don’t feel ashamed to let you all know that I have been incompetent in handling this mess.

Brat H’s toys, some lying on the floor, graced by the dirt of the surface, morsels of uneaten food that are stuck to his high chair, bed linen, sofa cushion, and god knows where all!

To top it all, a teething baby who has caught flu and has been acting up. LIKE SERIOUSLY! God, you could have been kind to me.


But, that’s what life is all about! There are days with sunshine and maybe today was not our day.

So what if the toys are sitting there and food crumbs have dried up while they are stuck nearly everywhere..

So what if the utensils need a wash or the laundry isn’t happening at all or the maid has been absconding.

I mean, So What?!

While I am trying to take control of the situation that is probably a bit of a distorted version from the outside, my baby on the other hand is looking for much greater control for himself. He has been looking for me, the only person who happens to give him all the security in the world. I am the answer to his hunger, his thirst, his needs, his demands. I am the answer to his physical and emotional well-being. How can I leave my baby for the unwashed dishes? How can I just not sing him to sleep and forget about the bed linen or that sofa cushion?

So, mommies, hold your babies tight, and on a cold day like this one, when the babies are not feeling well, hold them tighter. Forget about all the mess they have made, for once, forget about how much they are eating or throwing up. Forget about the maid, the weather, the helplessness, the undone laundry, and heaps of dirty dishes.  Your baby needs you. They can’t quite tell you how much..  they can’t quite let you know how badly and tightly do they want to be hugged..they can’t quite tell you how safe they feel in your arms..for once, forget everything and hold on to your sunshine with all the might!

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3 thoughts on “Forget About The Mess”

  1. I so much agree with you. Nothing is important more than soothing the sick child. Yes I know its terribly cold in Gurgaon watching my extended family during the skype sessions. Glad I no longer live there.

  2. Such a good one. This one definetely goes on my FB and Twitter page for friends to follow and read. Proud of you! Keep writing and inspiring… Brat H will be proud of you one day! Way to go… superb 🙂

  3. Coming from the heart! It takes a lot to say ‘so what’ and you are so right for doing it! Sometimes all our chores can wait. Yes, they pile up. But in the end they are still done in no time. Other things can not wait. I hope your little man will bewell soon!