Did You Know Facts – Baby prefers female voice

Till now we have seen several facts about baby’s development, sight, hearing, response, reflex, and more. Today TCT is sharing another strange fact that baby prefers female voice. Yes, that is true. Keep reading to know more.

Did You Know Facts #17 – Baby Prefers Female Voice

Did You Know Facts - Baby prefers female voice

Babies typically prefer a female voice over a male voice, which may explain why people raise the pitch of their voice when talking to babies, otherwise known as “motherese”.

From the moment the life forms in the mother’s womb as a blip,  the baby is hearing the mother’s voice mostly. As we mentioned earlier, the baby recognizes the mother’s voice and heartbeat from birth. Perhaps due to this, the baby has a predisposition towards female voices. Often babies respond positively to female voices. We connect it to the reason that women have an inherent power of appeasing a baby naturally.

To compensate, people raise the pitch of their voice in a pretext of baby talking aka motherese. It is debatable as to whether we should be doing it. Nonetheless, the tendency to use motherese to a baby will always be there. Can you imagine talking to a baby like you talk with an adult?

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Information source: Facts Random History

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