Thought Of The Day – Child With A Task

We need our children to be smart, proactive and succeed in all walks of life. But, are we preparing them enough. We need not be tough on them but we can make them do minor tasks from the time they are young. Not helping a child with a task doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Thought of the day – Child with a task

Thought for the day - Child with a task

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”- Maria Montessori 

You want your child to succeed but you don’t want your little one to sweat. Is it possible? In this era, parenting has become synonymous with overpampering and over protection. If you want your child to be competent, do that which develops their competence. Maria Montessori, through her thought-provoking quote, has stated a fact that we have all been carelessly ignoring. Who better than her, can tell about developing the competence in your child. Let your child be their judge. If they say that, mom I can do it, let them do it. Let them learn from their mistakes. We should never underestimate our kids. They are way smarter than we think.

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