How to make baby bath time more fun and exciting

Here are 4 interesting ways to make your baby’s bath time more fun and exciting not just for him, but for you too!

Mommas, how much do you bond with your little one over their massage or bath time? Chances are that nearly 9 out of 10 mothers would say- ‘MAXIMUM’. Well! It sure is the best time to have fun and teach your baby a thing or two. Other than their skill development happening over a cozy-bonding time with the mums and dads, they also seem to be the happiest during their bath time.Baby bath time 01

My Brat H enjoys his baby bath time a lot more now than he ever did. Guess, it has got something to do with growing up. His love for water, making bubbles in the puddle of water and splashing it all across the bath area is a part of all the funny games he likes to play. Thanks to a few fun activities, our set of colorful baby bath time toys and a couple of other tricks and fun games, now bath time is so much more exciting!

At the start of the day, the already exhausted momma gets to see her baby happy and relaxed, now that definitely puts her at ease too. So, today, let me (a stay at home mommy 😀) share a few tips on how to make your baby bath time fun and exciting not just for your little one but for you too!

1. Splish-Splash-Sploosh: Light, transparent, fluffy and beautiful bubbles floating, popping right in front of your little one is such a stunning sight. Babies love to see all the drama that has got to do with the lovely-dovely bubbles. Just add a few drops of your favorite baby bubble bath liquid soap. Let your little one also stretch his arms and legs a little by fluttering them in the bath tub. Splishy-splashy-splooshy sound of water just adds to the entire drama + adds a lot of froth too!

TCT recommends: Mothercare All We Know Baby Bubble Bath. Available at any baby shop or the best online shopping sites.Baby bath time 02

2. Rhyme Time: Bath time happens to also be the best time for the development of your little one’s motor skills. Sing rhymes to him (and over a period of time, with him). It also helps in the development of his language skills. If the baby is cranky and in no mood for a bath, this one particular activity can help him relax. Hearing your voice, the same familiar song in your own perfect pitch can prepare him in no time for a fun bath time.

TCT recommends: Click here for soothing rhymesBaby bath time 03

3. It’s Squeezy Time: Introduce baby bath toys, especially the ones that are colorful and make some exciting sounds. Bath toys in animal shapes or regular shapes or our very old rubber ducky, all this can add more splashes in our bubbly, aromatic bathing water. In no time, you will also see how your little one starts to make stories out of these bath toys. So, in a way, you are encouraging them to unleash their creativity. You can also make do with the ABCs or 123s in the sponge cut-out form.

TCT recommends: Baby World Non Toxic Multicolor Animal Bath Toy. Available at any baby shop or the best online shopping sites.Baby bath time 04

4. Creativity At It’s Best: Enhance your little one’s creativity and motor skills with bath time painting and related fun activities or games. For this, you will have to do a bit of a shopping. Pick up some bathtub crayons or organic watercolors and let them treat their water-filled bath tub as a canvas! Here are a few unique bathing games for an exceptionally fun-packed time:- during summer time, drop a few colored ice cubes in your little one’s bath tub.. Drop in a few magnet ABC letters in the bathtub, and hand over a fishing pole with a magnet tied to the end, your baby can do with some creative fishing! Besides, a messy day means a happy day (for the little ones), so, how about handing over a few watercolors and let your toddler act like an artist for a few minutes! Some of these suggested fun activities are for a toddler or a pre-schooler and not for an infant. 

TCT recommends: Tolo Funtime Fishing Bath Toy. Available at any baby shop or the best online shopping sites.Baby bath time 05

Disclaimer on safety for kids: It is advised to be sure of baby’s safety at all times during his/her bath time. Don’t leave your baby unattended at any point during the bath. In order to avoid rushing in or out in order to get hold of anything specific, make sure to have all the bath toys/related accessories handy


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