Thought For The Day – You Are My Sunshine

You have only one life. You can live it with regrets, or you can live it carefree. Your life could have too many friends or very less friends. However it is, what you must have is a someone in your life whom you can call ‘my sunshine’.

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day – You are my sunshine:

Thought for the day - You are my sunshine

When your skies are grey, you need some light. Some sunlight that could make your life bright amidst the darkness. Is there someone in your life? Do you know who it is? Close your eyes and think. The first person who comes to your mind would be your sunshine. The light in your life.

Once you know who it is, go to that person and give a tight hug. Relationships are very fragile these days. The reason could be anything but it is up to you if you would let it break or grow. Know who is your real sunshine and let them shine brighter than ever with your love and care. You can see that your own life starts blooming and glowing. Thus you yourself can spread brightness everywhere.

Let there be no grey days for anyone. Stay happy. Stay loved. Tell us about your sunshine in the comments below.

Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Mom blogger, books lover, fan of new wave cinema, fond of jazz, lounge and classical music. Love to cook Indian & Italian cuisine.

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