Did You Know Facts – Babies can swim

A newborn baby has several superhuman powers. They know things that adults take years to learn. This could be the reason why our older generation considers little babies as Gods themselves. One of the most strange superhuman power that a newborn baby has would be swimming. Yes, newborn babies can swim. 

Did You Know Facts #15 – Babies can swim:

Did You Know Facts - Babies can swim

Babies are born with natural swimming abilities and can hold their breath. However, this ability quickly disappears.

It could be difficult to believe the strange fact that babies can swim. A funny explanation for this is that the babies are used to swimming in the mother’s womb. Also, they might be used to hold the breath inside the mother’s womb. Now keeping the fun part aside, the baby would be just showing the swimming reflexes. In addition, they might be able to hold the breath for a while. Nonetheless, we never know for how long. 

Do you know anyone who has tried to make their baby swim at such a tender age? If you know someone, let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: TCT team doesn’t advice or support such practices. Parents aren’t encouraged to practice this without any prior knowledge, permission & consultation with their pediatrician/health practitioner. 

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