9 Dad And Mom Quotes In Hindi

Dad and mom quotes to express your feeling for your first love as parents are child’s first love…their first teacher, and first of so many kinds! I believe the list is just endless. Here’s also hoping you would agree to that. I am a 33-year-old with a child of my own, but, I still consider my parents as my cushion, my gradual retreat, and sometimes even a sponge that absorbs so much of my daily mood struggles! Where would we be – if not for our parents? It is hard to imagine! Hindi Diwas just went by and that is when I decided to pen this blog. I love Hindi for its raw flavor and for being expressive, uncomplicated, it’s easy to process and comprehend the language. And for these reasons, it is much loved by those who know how to converse in Hindi.

Indian mom and dad - Quotes in Hindi

For these obvious reasons, most families prefer expressing their love in Hindi.

Mom and dad quotes of 2020:

We have seen how in ancient times, parents wrote prose and poems for their offsprings. Cut to 2020 and you see a similar trend but with a tweak. Mom-dad poses, and mom-dad quotes are in totality a sum universe of what social media like Pinterest and Instagram offer these days!

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As a person born and brought up in India, Hindi comes very naturally to me. It might not essentially be my mother tongue, but there is nothing I can’t express any better but in my beautiful Hindi language! I recently discovered the love for this language when I started writing short poems on my Instagram page. They received immense appreciation that kept me wondering why I wasn’t writing enough in Hindi!

With this, I also realised that its one of the most precious languages in the world and we have neither given it due respect nor love! This is why I decided to pen some from-the-heart mom and dad quotes! I think this can be one of the best ways to thank my own mom and dad! TCT presents to you some of my favorite mom’s dad quotes!

Mom Dad quotes in Hindi by Udita Saklani:

उसकी डांट भी शहद सी मीठी लगती है
आज उसका टोकना याद आ रहा है
भूल गया हूँ तेरी पिटाई
क्यूँकि याद है तेरी आज मुझे आयी

Parent Quotes In Hindi

पापा ने पंखों की उड़ान दी
आज हूँ मैं उनका आभारी
रोक लेते है वो हर आँधी
हैं- वो मेरे ख़ज़ाना- सोना और चाँदी

Mom And Dad Quotes - In Hindi

अगर माँ मेरा हृदय है
तो पिता उसकी स्पंदन है.
कैसे चुका पाऊँगी 
माता पिता के प्यार का उधार
डर लगता है 
की क्या कभी दे पाऊँगी
अपनी ही संतान को उतना दुलार

Quotes In Hindi

डगमगाती हुई कश्ती का तू सहारा है
डूबते हुए सूरज में तू दीपक का नजारा है
शायद तुझ बिना है आधे अधूरे
क्यूँकि तूने ही तो यह जीवन सवारा है

Parenting quotes

माँ की छत्रछाया
फूलों सी मुस्कुराहट
पिताजी का वो आशा जनक साया
याद आती है आज भी वो गुदगुदाहट

Mom And Dad Quotes

माँ बाबा का प्यार:
उस समुंदर की तरह है , 
जो कभी ख़ाली नहीं होता
वह खिलखिलाता भी है , गोते खाता भी है
क्यूँकि उसपे नहीं है कोई मुखौटा 

Mom and Dad - I love you quote in Hindi

काश माँ बाबा कभी बूढ़े ना होते
काश हम भी बच्चे रह जाते
चोट लगने पर यूँ ही रो देते
ग़र ना रोते
तो माँ बाबा कैसे चुप कराते?

Parenting quotes in Hindi

Written by the author

I love my Mom and dad quotes in Hindi:

मुझे छाओं में रखा
खुद जलता रहा धूप में
मैंने देखा है एक फ़रिश्ता

Mom And Dad Quotes In Hindi

मेरे पिता के रूप में
माना थक कर 
आँखें उसकी बंद होतीं हैं
सोती भी है तो फ़िक्रमंद होती हैं

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