10 Tips To Stay Well And Healthy In College

Young students may not yet realize but college is a crucial period for their future career and personal life. Although it is just a stepping stone, the habits and routines developed during the studentship often define all our life ahead and are hard to break or change. Is your child or you or someone you know in your family seeking tips on how to stay healthy in college?

Healthy In College - Student surrounded by books

No doubt, college can be draining. It requires a lot of concentration, discipline, physical and mental strength. Thrown into a new environment, students may get besotted with suddenly acquired freedom and abundance of lures. At this moment, it is important to remember that healthy habits can prevent you from taking wrong decisions and help to grow personally and academically.

10 Tips on having a healthier student experience:

1. Reduce sugar intake

College is a difficult test for both body and mind. That is why it is better to fuel yourself with quality products. As opposed to a common opinion that sugar helps to think better, it has a destructive influence on our body and mind. Not only does it stimulate weight gain but also manipulates our glucose levels and upsets proper serotonin production. Additionally, refined sugar appears to be even more addictive than cocaine. Students who overuse sweetened products frequently complain about anxiety and bad memory, as well as the fall of the wagon more often than those who keep their sugar intake under strict control. Strong cravings for sweets may signal about carbs deficit. Simply supplement fast sugars with whole grains and fruit instead.

2. Drink enough water

70% of our body consists of liquid. Drinking enough clean water helps to maintain good metabolism and look fresh during the day. Always having a reusable bottle of water will help you to stay hydrated when you need it. Plus, it’s an economical and environment-friendly decision.

3. Stay physically active

Working out, dancing, martial arts, tennis, swimming, whatnot – there are plenty of various activities that you can perform in your dorm room, outside, alone or with your friends. Training gives a unique opportunity to switch between activities and let your mind have a decent rest while being in motion. It also helps to release negative energy, reduce stress and stay upbeat. “Sport taught me discipline and I applied this skill to my college studies as well.  I never needed anyone to do my assignment for me, as I had everything under control”, says Mary Blades, a second-year Harvard student.

4. Sleep well

Going to a party may be a good idea for your social life but don’t make all-nighters your habit. On the internet, it has been said much about the importance of a regular 8-hour sleep so make sure that you added it in your busy schedule. 

5. Seek solitude

College students rarely have a chance to be alone. Their exploring nature always pushes them to make new friendships and be around people. As important as it is, we still need our time alone to order thoughts, set goals – figure out who we are and where we go. So make it your daily, weekly or at least a monthly routine. Write in a diary or meditate, whatever suits your best. Such solitude practices will help you to learn about yourself sooner and be prepared for professional life.

6. Arrange your studying and working routine

Good time management skills are a must-have in the circumstances of the modern world. College is a great time to obtain them, especially for working students. Being a diligent employee and study well at the same time may be a bit of a poser. However, nothing is impossible when you have a set-out plan. Draft your personal time-table and set a working time, as well as breaks. The brain has its own working capacity so you should make “never skip breaks” a rule. A balance between working time and relaxation will help you stay productive and keep your sanity.

7. Stick to your goals

During college, you will have a lot of opportunities to try on unusual roles or engage yourself in different jobs or internships. Yet, don’t let your curious nature lead you astray. Make sure that you have your goals written, review them now and then, highlight your accomplishments and add new peaks to conquer. Every experience carries its lesson, but it’s better when these lessons bring you closer to your dreams and a desired career.  

8. Make digital detox

With friends commenting on your pictures on Instagram and an abundance of educative resources on the internet, staying away from the devices may be unbearable for a college student. However, it is essential for a healthy mind and good self-esteem. Make use of this vacant time to enjoy nature, try something you always wanted but never had time for, spend time with your dearest ones or get enough sleep. Virtual life may be a honeypot but it’s the reality that is truly valuable.

9. Get better 1% every day

Get into the habit of becoming 1% better every day. It may concern your personal qualities, physical performance or academic results. In terms of one day, it is a tiny step that doesn’t require much effort. On the longer route, however, – a huge improvement. Just imagine – it will take you as little as 100 days, somewhat more than 3 months, to show a twice-improved result. Think of what you can accomplish in a year!

10. Control your finances

College is a costly affair that doesn’t get any cheaper year after year. So, as a student, you may have to maneuver in the limits of a strict budget. Without an elaborate plan, it may be really hard to have control over your spending and really soon you may run short of money. Luckily, there are a lot of softs available for Android and iOS smartphones that help you track your expenditures, compare them to your earning, as well as save something for your future goals. 

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Stay consistent and you will see unimaginable results in no time. 

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