Feeling Funny Today Part II

And we are back with Feeling Funny Part II. Check out this awesome conversation that finally made 1 happy family picture happen!

Feeling funny – Part 2:

This time, Ace joined us and we all had some wicked time! You are most welcome to be a part of this fun party! In case, you have missed out on our part I of the Feeling Funny series, then click here and enjoy 🙂

Feeling funny 4

Oh! Lord, What’s with this ‘please pose, you are getting clicked’ business happening here?
Feeling funny 5

Me: I bet he has posed well for this picture! I mean, after all, he is our son;)

Brat H: I don’t give a damn about these pictures. Can’t they get it that I’m busy licking my jacket’s button!

Feeling funny 6

BratH: Can’t refuse my old man. I mean, he has been asking for it for so long. Logically speaking, he is the source of my future pocket money.

Ace: Show us lovely Papa smile.

Feeling funny 7

Ace: Smile, show us your Papa smile!

BratH: My jacket!?!?!? You funny people. Where is my JACKET?


Feeling funny 8

Ace: I am icing on the cake.

Me: I am cherry on the cake.

BratH: I am that cake!

To be continued…

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