Thought For The Day – Mom Is An Angel

Is there anyone in your life who will selflessly love you? Has someone dedicated her life to you? Do you have an angel in your life? I have. My mother. My mom is an angel. You never understand the value of motherhood until you yourself become one or lose the one we have. But the real connection between a mother and a child is magical. 

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day – Mom is an angel

I still remember how I used to regret not obeying my mother. Somehow, mothers have a mysterious power to know the impending danger looming over your head. Similarly, if you do something that your mother says no to, you will surely land in trouble. Haven’t you had this experience? You always wonder what makes your mother the best person in your life, don’t you?

Thought for the day - Mom is an angel

One day will come when we would think that we should have told her a lot but you can’t see her, speak to her but you can feel her always.  That feeling, that magic is what we can never explain. You are lucky if you can realize that before it is late. Moreover, you should understand that the magic is way beyond the sacrifices that she does for you. It is an unexplainable connection. None of the cosmic laws would be able to define it.

If you are a mother, you will understand better. Loving your child is involuntary. You will fall in love with them even before you see them. They become a part of us inside the womb. Once come out, you see a part of you, not another human being. That feeling is involuntary and magical and the same could be the reason behind the magic. Don’t you think so?

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Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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