The Evolution Of Kids’ Clothes – 8 Popular Styles From Infants To Tweens

Indian culture is full of colours that bring about vibrancy in all it’s forms. This extends to the festivities, foods, customs and clothing. India’s distinct heritage can be seen in the kind of fabrics, styles and combinations we wear on a daily basis. The same applies to children. Kids’ clothes is a huge market. There’s some customisations for every single region. The styles and colors may have undergone some sort of an evolution, for instance, instead of the good old 90s salwaar worn with a kurti, it’s now more like a loosely fitted palazzo for little girls, but all-in-all, they represent our culture. 

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In this blog, I am shortlisting some of the trends and styles that are extremely popular with kids across age groups and geographies. I will also also share some relevant links and popular sources for kids’ clothing, such as boys’ t-shirts, kids’ clothes, and baby clothes available at, India’s Largest Online Store for newborn, baby & kids products. You can purchase them or add to your cart if you like.

Check out 8 popular kids’ clothes styles from Infants to tweens:

1. Traditional Indian kids-wear: Since, festivities play a huge role in determining the styles, right from infants and toddlers to tweens, the popular traditional Indian attire has always been a preferred choice. Ethnic clothing like kurta-pajamas, and lehenga-cholis are common picks for festive occasions and family gatherings. These trendy outfits are designed to be comfortable and allow for free movement.

2. Western styles: With the influence of western culture, thanks to globalization, Indian kids’ clothing has undergone a transformation. Casual t-shirts and fitted/ill-fitted/baggy or skinny jeans have become some of the on-trend choices for children. Making boys’ t-shirts and jeans a staple in the modern Indian child’s wardrobe is the best practical decision a parent makes. 

Summer kids' clothes - including a summer hat

3. Rain-friendly outfits: In India, the monsoon season brings with it ample of humidity and scorching heat, and that’s a  unique challenge for dressing kids. Therefore, it becomes imperative to cherrypick clothes that can withstand monsoon’s humidity, and still keep children dry and at ease. At the same time, they should cover the body to protect them from mosquitoes. Lightweight and quick-drying materials are essential in this season. Raincoats and rubber boots also become necessary additions to children’s closets.

4. Festive wear: Festive clothing! There’s never enough with these outfits! Festive clothing for kids is all about bright colors, intricate designs, and traditional motifs. For example, during Diwali, you’ll find kids dressed in vibrant silk dhoti-kurta, achkans, patiala salwaar-kurta, kurti-pajama, lehenga skirts adorned with sparkles and embroidery, celebrating Raksha bandhan, Durga Puja, Diwali, Onam, Pongal, Bihu, GurPurab, Eid and many other such festivities in style.

5. Winter warmers: During extreme cold winter months, keeping kids warm and comfortable is the objective of every new parent. Which is why to stock an array of good-quality winter clothes that serves the purpose of keeping the body warm from head-to-toe makes sense. Right from a woolen caps to mufflers, jumpers, sweaters or cardigans to warm skirts, pants, leggings and even innerwear is now just a click away. FirstCry has beautiful options available for layering with jackets or thermal innerwear, as well as warm socks to protect kids from the biting cold!

6. Summer essentials: Breathability of the fabric that touches the skin is the utmost priority during summer months. India’s heat waves can be excruciating. To find 100% cotton or light cotton dresses for girls and boys’ t-shirts paired with shorts are some of the best options to opt for. Such outfits are made keeping the weather conditions in mind. To find breathable athleisure or sportswear is yet another challenge. Parents with kids who are always on the-go, or kids that sweat extra because of extreme weather or rigorous training/heavy-duty sports are always on a look-out for summer wear that’s comfortable and cool. Look no further!

One of the popular Kids' clothes - Summer essentials girl's frock

7. Ethnic fusion: The marriage between ethnic Indian and uber-cool Western styles have resulted in the evolution of a new fashion trend for kids, that is ethnic-fusion. The outfits that belong to this category have been gaining immense popularity among parents looking to dress their kids for special occasions, such as birthdays or weddings. The ethnic fusion can come in summer of winter fabric.

8. Eco-friendly clothing: With the growing awareness of environmental issues, many parents are waking up to dressing their children in eco-friendly kids’ clothing. Their philosophy and values are often aligned with the organic clothing brands. With the mission of dressing their children in the fabric which is good for them and for the environment, such parents are often and only purchasing cotton, bamboo fabric, and other eco-conscious materials. I’d like to also mention here that such clothes score pretty high on comfort and styling.

Eco-friendly kids' clothing

Where to find kids’ clothing in India?

Are you looking to update or upgrade your little one’s wardrobe with the latest styles and trends, opt to shop from FirstCry, a popular online platform that offers an extensive collection of kids’ clothing. From comfy boys’ t-shirts, to stylish kids’ clothes, or versatile baby clothes, the awesome brand has you covered with a wide range of options.

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  1. Smart Boys T-shirts: When it comes to boys’ t-shirts, FirstCry has a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to pick from. From basics to stylish designs, there’s a cute little red t-shirt waiting for your little one. 
  2. Practical kids clothes: FirstCry has in offering an exclusive range of kids’ clothing, catering across age groups, from infants to tweens. Right from Indo-western fusion to traditional wear, you will find them all. 
  3. Cute Baby clothes: For newborns and infants, FirstCry provides a lovely collection of baby clothes right from premie to newborn to month-by-month stages. The onesies would make your heart melt. Some of the outfits are specially designed to ensure double comfort and convenience. Even the tiny booties stocked at FirstCry are available in many sizes and styles.

As parents, it’s essential to consider the needs of your children, the season, and the occasion when selecting their clothing. Platforms like FirstCry make this task easier by offering a wide variety of kids’ clothing options, including boys’ t-shirts, kids’ clothes, and baby clothes. With their help, you can ensure that your children are not only stylish but also comfortable and well-dressed, regardless of age or season.

I’m very hopeful that this blog post has helped you shop for the right occasion! Always remember that practicality always works while shopping for children as they outgrow sizes real fast. 

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