Top 5 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids

This New Year’s Eve get your kids engaged in fun-filled ideas and let them party hard!


New Year’s Eve is almost here. The countdown to the New Year’s Eve starts as soon as Christmas is over. Families all over the world start preparing for New Years, even as they plan to bring down their Christmas trees at their homes. Parents of toddlers and preschoolers generally avoid going out and instead try to spend it at home only. Having an indoor party with your children can surely be a good idea. There are so many ways to celebrate New Years Eve with kids. Here are some ideas for the New Year’s Eve party to make it memorable and wonderful.


5 Creative New Year’s eve party ideas for kids:

1. Treasure Hunt: Have a huge indoor treasure hunt with kids. The kids will have a blast following the clues to get their treasure. This will add an element of competition and excitement.

2. Photo Booth: Photo booths are immensely popular these days, both with adults as well as kids. Set up a photo booth with a bench seat for the little ones with the camera adjusted accordingly. Kids just love cartoon characters, so just include props of their favourite cartoon character, and see their eyes light up. These photo booths are sure to make your event the highlight of the year.

3. New Year’s Eve Karaoke: What kid doesn’t want to be a superstar. Karaoke is just the answer for it. It is a great way to spend a good time, which brings the entire party house together. It is certainly a thrill to grab that mic and sing out your favourite number.


4. Confetti Hats: Get all artsy-craftsy. It wouldn’t be new years without some nice hats. You can dedicate some time for art and craft. Make all kids sit around a table. Hand them each a paper hat. Apply glue all over the hat and sprinkle confetti all over it. Shake off the excess confetti. This is especially a great idea as it is something different, will involve all kids together at one place. Moreover, the hat can be used for birthdays as well.


5. Resolution Tree: Wrapping up Christmas decorations can be quite a task for the parents. What better idea, than to convert your Christmas tree into a Resolution tree and let it adorn your house for some more time. Ask the kids to write their resolutions on a small notecard, and then tie it to the tree using a small ribbon.

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