Hacks And Tips In The Time Of COVID-19 Lockdown

Now that there’s a total ban on venturing out of our homes, super thanks to the 21-day COVID-19 lockdown due to coronavirus, here’s what I think each one of us should make an effort to follow.

We asked around and while we’re sure most of us know some of these but I still think it’s time we go back in time and follow what our parents and grandparents did in the times of epidemics. Keep yourself safe and sane. Here’s how…

Top 7 hacks and tips in the time of COVID-19 lockdown as recommended by our readers:

1. Change your clothes as often as you can

If you step out of your unit or house even for a bit to get a few essentials, please be sure to take a bath with and change into a new set of clothes. Wash them thoroughly and repeat. Pro tip: Save water by switching to bucket baths over showers. Water conservation is equally important.

In most countries, it’s getting hot and humid. Therefore, switch to cotton fabric. Ensure you have enough cotton clothes to wear and your redundant cotton towels should come handy. That’s what our grandparents used all along. No fuzzy towels. They are easy to wash and dry. The rationale is that more often you wash, the more you would require towels.

2. Cook sustainable meals and cook wisely

We’ve been stuck at home. Not sure if our essentials supply will come on time or we will have to wait long enough to get hold of basic vegetables. Therefore, opt for one heavy meal followed by two light meals. Try and refurbish food. You could also cook a lot more in a go and deep-freeze it. A house full of kids often demands endless snacking options. Therefore, cook wisely and repurpose food as much as possible. Opt for finger foods. Try to opt for foods that are wholesome, such as millets. Also, fewer utensils mean less water wastage and a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen is what we need right now.

Have the guts to change…whatever folds and unfolds…Life in the time of COVID-19 lockdown. Read on to change your habits and shine above all.

4. At this point, most of us are juggling. So let’s prioritize

Most of us are working from home and also taking charge of household chores. Just like in old times, there was everything being taken care of with no or limited help. Therefore, let’s set some rules right and ask each and every family member (above 5 years of age) to wash their own utensils, clean after meals, dusting, laundry, watering the plants, etc. We are no superwomen or supermen, so let’s seek each other’s help, try and keep ourselves busy to avoid massive burnout (and anxiety) due to lockdown!

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5. Let a positive spiritual chant play in the house

Our parents and grandparents have some lovely folktales and chants as a repository saved and locked in their hearts, and heads. Let’s sit and chant with them.

Here are a few chants you could listen to.

6. Avoid too much of binge-watching!

The internet is almost going for a toss. Internet speed may slow down on high traffic owing to Coronavirus lockdown. We are in COVID-19 lockdown, the entire world is. Imagine, the number of people who are working from home or using Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc. to talk to their office colleagues or friends/loved ones. Therefore:

1. Let’s play some fun and interactive games. Opt for infotainment packed games such as flashcards. Utilize this time by introducing new ways to engage, entertain and spend time with the little ones.  We have been trying a premium assortment of learning and play resources that aid healthy brain development as well as Early Childhood Learning.

Tips in the time of COVID-19 lockdown - A boy playing with flashcards

2. You could also play a round of housie or snap or bingo and set incentives.

3. One can never get bored with traditional board games. They have withstood the test of time. So, spend effortless time with your little and not-so-little ones.

4. If you’re listening to music, please avoid listening to melancholic music. Read books, from fiction to self-help. Here are a few recommendations:

For kids: The Best of Tenali: Tales of Wit and Adventure; For adults: Mind Your Mind – Three Principles for Happy Living by Hachette

Tips In The The Time Of COVID-19 Lockdown - Kids reading books

7. Express gratitude, meditate

Soak in the sun and be grateful to nature for you have access to Vitamin-D in abundance. Catch up with long lost friends, be thankful and express your gratitude. Talk to the family online, video call, Skype. Life is short, make the most of it and leave no room for hatred, sulking, and regrets.

Have faith and add quality to your otherwise busy life. Don’t be scared. Encourage and motivate others to break their patterns. These 21-days can be a retrospection of the sorts. Learn a new life skill. Think of how you can add more value to your current business/job portfolio.

Use this quarantine period to help and heal. Stay healthy and active, all!

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