Is social media affecting your parenting style?

The modern day parenting involves active use of social media! But how is it affecting your kids? Let’s find out..

Are you one of those pretty-Facebook-moms who posts about her baby’s meal and poop on daily basis, or the one who is busy Instagram-ing a happy-family. No? Then, you must be that mobile mommy who is always generously tweeting about motherhood and happily clicking selfies so she could send out the message of a Pinterest-perfect-family-culture. Whatever be your favorite social media platform, I am not ashamed to admit that I am perhaps all the above.Is social media affecting your parenting style 01

With most of my mommy friends and followers posting and sharing (often bragging) about their little ones, I too thought of not staying behind. So, one day I just posted a picture of my baby and it fetched some 400 likes! I thought it’s so cool to be bragging about the kids and lives. How little did I realize that this sharing or rather the business of “overshare-ing” was somewhere affecting my personal life and that of other ‘mommy friends’.  Let me sum this up in a simple line: We- today’s smartphone savvy moms and dads are living a fake life. The one which is made of virtual-ity, that same one which is far from reality! Continue reading..

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3 thoughts on “Is social media affecting your parenting style?”

    1. Absolutely! There are moms out there who don’t want to admit how much social media is being exploited by them but they are making a point of how fb has helped them stay connected with other family members all over the world!! Like by posting their baby pics!? I thought emails came with a purpose.