My advice to a stay-at-home mom who is in depression

Here is an important advice to a stay-at-home mom who is undergoing severe depression! I can feel you and here is why..

When we are young, we feel liberated. We have dreams of conquering the world. We just think that it’s easy to change the world! By the time we are out there looking for a decent job in the market, a bit of a reality hits us hard. We still have dreams, but conquering the world and chasing it too takes a backseat. And then some of us end up in a marriage. We decide to grow in number. Majority women post-delivery take a sabbatical from their ongoing professional lives. They decide to take care of the kid by being there for him/her 24×7. So, the dreams that they’d once dreamt of, some half fulfilled, half broken are forgotten.stay-at-home-mom-01

Now all that they do is change diapers, pick and drop a kid or two from the school and get exhausted taking care of the house, running errands, etc. etc.

As a mom it’s easy to feel useless. But, as a stay-at-home-mom, it’s easier to feel isolated, boxed in or imprisoned at home. This is what a friend was once going through. She was on the verge of depression! Imagine, having worked all her life, one day she had no option but to give it all up, a highly paid job, travel, good designation, everything! It was worth it. Having a baby is one thing and taking care of your child is another. Giving up on the same old routine or putting it aside for a while isn’t quite an unfair deal.stay-at-home-mom-02

One day I decided to visit her. When she opened the door, I had to take a good look at the person who was at the receiving end. I thought it was not my friend who was opening the door for me. There stood a messy person, who once wore a deep red lipstick and had her hair all in place no matter what. She brought me a cold cup of tea, and announced in tears- “It is so boring!”.. I asked her what’s wrong and she replied- “I now get up and not even shower all day. There isn’t much to look forward too.” Continue Reading..

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