Six Best Tools For Online Learning And Teaching

Software or tools for online learning are the applications, which the learners and the teachers employ when teaching or studying remotely. These tools will utilize digital text, videos, and audio to share or receive knowledge. Having these tools will enable learning to happen anytime, anywhere. All you need for this is a stable internet connection and a device to watch the class. Here, on this list today, we will look at some of the best tools that teachers and students can use to facilitate and exploit the benefits of online learning. Most of these tools assure collaboration, hosting, and delivery of the curricula.

Tools for online learning

Tools for online learning:

In contrast, there are also some tools, which are pre-programmed with the curricula, and are just ready for student’s use. Students and teachers can pick a tool depending on the nature of the impartment. Now, let us get started and address the tools one by one.


One of the best digital tools to connect students and teachers is Edmodo. The tool is more or less like a social networking tool, but for learning. Using the tool, the teachers can prepare online groups for collaboration, offer the students with educational resources, administer student performance, and interact with parents regarding the child’s performance. ‘At FineGradeswe widely use the Edmodo tool to impart learning to our students,’ comments Sherry. 

Tools for online learning

At present, Edmodo has over thirty-four million users worldwide. Edmodo employs a streamlined learning process, personalized, enriching, and aligned with the opportunities presented by a digital environment and technology. 


It is one of the fantastic tools for online learning, which provides teachers with the ability to develop and design online classes. Further, Bunzee can also be utilized by the students to present their thought processes and work into building a collaborative learning environment. With Bunzee, teachers get the ability to interact with the children and the parents. 

Google Classroom

Another digital tool that you can use for online learning and teaching is Google Classroom. It is indeed low-key, one of the most versatile tools for online learning. A part of the Google Suite, the LMS or the Learning Management System, implies that the teachers can use Google applications to design documents, quizzes, and lessons. To use this Google application, you will require a G Suite for Education account.  

Google classroom

‘During the pandemic, schools around the world were shut. This was when most of them switched to Google Classroom application,’ comments David, an online educator who offers IELTS online coaching

See, the best thing about Google Classroom is that it is pretty easy to use. Using Google Classroom will not be a challenge if you have been using Google products for a while. Inside this LMS, the educators can provide content for the tests, assessments, quizzes, and lessons. There is also a facility for the teachers to interact with the parents or the students. For this, teachers can employ email or message boards. 

Another incredible thing about Google is that all the content for the online sessions can be pared using any software that you like. For instance, you can employ the Google applications to create lessons or import the lessons you made from another software or app. Also, you can integrate the online learning sessions with Google Meet, which can streamline the online teaching process. 


Canvas is another LMS presently employed by more than thirty percent of higher education communities. It is one of the leading platforms used for K-12 learning. Canvas is an open-source tool. The good thing about Canvas is that it comes with an array of in-built tools. These tools can help you cater to the needs of the parents, teachers, and students. Overall, Canvas has an app-friendly system. This makes it easy for parents to keep a tab on the assignments, which the kids are supposed to do.

Further, teachers can extract the data metrics from the tool for analysis. This can go a long way in boosting student performance. The basic version of Canvas is free for both teachers and students. If districts or schools require a complete account, you can reach out to Canvas and seek a quotation. 


Tools for online learning - Zoom

It is a prevalent software tool for video conferencing. With the Zoom app, the teachers can schedule lectures and then send the invites to the students. The students will log onto this application at the time decided by their teachers or one mutually decided. Consequently, when all the students to whom the invites have been sent have joined, teachers will acknowledge their presence and then move further with the class. Students from the other end can share their video or keep the camera on mute. The same applies to the audio, type, and share features too.

The duality in the Zoom app is what makes it so popular. Zoom lets you communicate with the students in real-time, and the students can communicate with the instructor. This is truly something that many of us take for granted. However, now that all students have been learning from home in the pandemic, the privilege of being able to see your instructor does come across as a big deal. It is achieved incredibly well with the Zoom app.  

A Web Whiteboard App

Whiteboards - Tools for online learning

Next, we have the AW app. It is one of the best applications for teachers habituated to taking a class on the board. In this class, the teachers get a digital whiteboard, which gives them a feeling of the traditional classroom. So, the teachers can expound like they would in a conventional classroom. Further, the collaboration between Zoom and AWW makes it easy for teachers to take online lessons. The tool allows you to import PowerPoint and PDF files to the AWW. 

In addition, AWW is also an excellent application, which is suitable for teachers who believe in the concept of learning by doing. So, the educators can use this tool to show how things are done. Teachers can pre-create the boards before starting with the lectures or write on the board during the lecture. 

So, these are the six most vital digital tools for online learning to help both teachers and learners. Have more suggestions to add to this list? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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